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Ophthalmology Update

  • Chief Editor: Prof. M. Yasin Khan Durrani
  • Citation Name: Ophthalmol Update
  • Published From:Islamabad
  • Address: 267-A, St: 53, F-10/4, Islamabad, Pakistan.
    Phones: +92-51-2299113 / 2607733
    Fax: +92-51-2299113
  • Email Address:
  • Official Website:

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Ophthalmology Update is published quarterly by Ophthalmic Newsnet.

PMDC Registration Vide No Index: 0039

Chief Advisor
Prof. Arthur SM Lim

Managing Editor
Bushra Siddiqui

Associate Editors
Dr. Misbah Durrani
Dr. Madiha Durrani

Cirrculation & Subscription
Jahanzeb Durrani

Art & Calligraphy
Ahsan Zeb Durrani

International Advisory Board
Prof. Robert N. Weinreb (USA)
Prof. Khalid Tabbara (Saudia Arabia)
Dr. Sakkaf A. Aftab (UK)
Dr. Baibir Singh (India)
Dr. Inam-ul-Haq (Saudia Arabia)

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