Author: Faisal G Bhopal (Bhopal F G)

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Department of Surgery, Rawalpindi General Hospital, Hospital, Rawalpindi *
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2Shazia Jehan, Muhammad Ateeq, Mahmmod Ali, Faisal G Bhopal.
Sclerotherapy versus rubber band ligation; comparative study of efficacy and compliance in the treatment of uncomplicated second degree haemorrhoids
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2012;19(2):222-7.
DHQ Hospital, Rawalpindi
3Muhammad Ateeq, Muhammad Akram, Sikandar Hayat Gondal, Shazia Jehan, Faisal G Bhopal.
Tube duodenostomy - a safe approach for the management of 'complex duodenal injuries' in poly trauma patients
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan - Mar 2012;6(1):234-7.
Rawalpindi Medical College Rawalpindi.
4Faisal G Bhopal, Faryal Azhar, Naseerud Din, Tausief Fatima.
Selective management of typhoid perforation of bowel
J Surg Pak Jul - Sep 2011;16(3):123-6.
Rawalpindi Medical College and Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Rawalpindi
5Faisal G Bhopal, Shahid Mahmood, Faryal Azhar, Muhammed Iqbal.
Acute pancreatitis; management, morbidity and mortality experience in a surgical unit
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2011;18(3):366-72.
Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Rawalpindi.
6Faryal Azhar, Faisal G Bhopal, Tausief Fatima.
Perineal problems in female patients
J Rawal Med Coll Jan - Jun 2011;15(1):45-6.
District Headquarters Teaching Hospital, Rawalpindi.
7Muhammad Ateeq, Shazia Jahan, Azhar Sajjad, Faisal G Bhopal.
Management of penetrating chest injuries
J Rawal Med Coll Jan - Jun 2011;15(1):13-5.
District Head Quarters Teaching Hospital, Rawalpindi.
8Muhammad Ateeq, Shazia Jehan, Muhammad Akram, Faisal G Bhopal.
Tube duodenostomy in traumatic duodenal injuries
J Rawal Med Coll Jul - Dec 2010;14(2):64-6.
Sargodha Medical College, Sargodha
9Jahangir Sarwar Khan, Faisal G Bhopal, Hamid Hassan, Mohammad Iqbal.
Post thyroidectomy hypocalcemia - does arterial ligation play a significant role?
Pak Armed Forces Med J Sep 2008;58(3):235-8.
Rawalpindi General Hospital, Rawalpindi
10Jahangir Sarwar Khan, Junaid Alam Khan, Hamid Hassan, Faisal G Bhopal, Mohammad Iqbal.
Surgical audit of skin and soft tissue infections
J Rawal Med Coll Jun 2005;9(1):26-9.
Rawalpindi General Hospital and Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi
11Faisal G Bhopal, Bakhtair SH Ahmed, Manzoor Ahmed, Matloob Ahmed, Jahangir Sarwar Khan, Nadir Mehmood, Hamid Hassan, Muhammed Iqbal.
Role of TLC and C-Reactive Protein in the diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis
J Surg Pak Jun 2003;8(2):14-7.
Dept. of Surgery Rawalpindi General Hospital Rawalpindi
12Faisal G Bhopal, Nadia Khan, Emran Amir, Muhammad Iqbal, Jahangir Sarwar Khan, Hamid Hassan.
Helminth-induced Biliary Fibrosis
J Rawal Med Coll Jun 2003;7(1):45-6.
Department of Surgery, Rawalpindi General Hospital, Rawalpindi
13Faisal G Bhopal, I Zafarullah, Jehangir S Khan, Iqbal M.
Shouldice vs Lichtenstein Hernia Repair: Comparison of post operative complications
Pak J Surg Oct - Dec 2002;18(2):21-6.
Rawalpindi General Hospital, Rawalpindi
14Jahangir Sarwar Khan, Hamid Hassan, Faisal G Bhopal, Nadir Mehmood, Naeem Taj, Junaid Alam Khan, Mohammad Iqbal.
Typhoid Perforation: A ten year experience in a Surgical Unit
J Rawal Med Coll Dec 2002;6(2):70-3.
Department of Surgery, Rawalpindi General Hospital and Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi
15Faisal G Bhopal, Adeela Tazeem, Fareena Azim, Tasneem Akhter, Aslam Rai.
Primary Extra Peritoneal Pregnancy
J Rawal Med Coll Dec 2002;6(2):77-9.
Rawalpindi General Hospital, Rawalpindi
16Faisal G Bhopal, M Ahmed, J S Khan, N Mehmood, Azam Yusuf, M. Iqbal.
Incisional Hernia: Aetiological Factors and Management
Pak J Surg Oct - Dec 2000;16(3):5-12.
Department Of Surgery Unit - I, Rawalpindi General Hospital, Rawalpindi

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