Author: Faizur Rahman (Rahman F)

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Department of Opthalmology, Saidu Teaching Hospital, Saidu Medical College, Swat *
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1Obaidur Rahman, Rana Muhammad Adnan, Rafeya Khan, Faizur Rahman, Muhammad Irfan Zia, Jahanzaib Amin, Imtiaz Ahmad, Saleem Ahmed.
Pattern of femoral fractures
J Rawal Med Coll Jan - Jun 2013;17(1):42-4.
Dept. of Orthopaedics, Benazir Bhutto Hospital and Rawalpindi Medical College , Rawalpindi.
2Haroon Rashid, Faizur Rahman, Sardar Bahadar Khan, Mahfooz Hussain.
Results of conjunctival auto-transplant in pterygium surgery
Gomal J Med Sci Jan - Jun 2010;8(1):82-4.
Saidu Teaching Hospital, Saidu Sharif Swat and Kuwait Teaching Hospital, Peshawar.
3Abid Naseem, Faizur Rahman, Haroon Rashid, Tariq Mohammad Saeed.
Visual outcome and complications after ND-YAG laser capsulotomy in patients with posterior capsular opacification
Pak J Med Res Apr - Jun 2010;49(2):35-8.
Saidu Medical Centre, Central Hospital, Saidu Sharif, Swat.
4Faizur Rahman, Haroon Rashid, Abid Naseem.
Ocular sequlae of blast injuries: Experience at a teaching hospital
Pak J Med Res Apr - Jun 2008;47(2):29-32.
Saidu Teaching Hospital and Medical College, Saidu Sharif, Swat
5Haroon Rashid, Faizur Rahman, Abid Naseem.
Active trachoma in an out patient clinic
J Postgrad Med Inst Jul - Sep 2007;21(3):197-200.
Saidu Medical College, Saidu Sharif, Swat
6Faizur Rahman, Haroon Rashid.
Pseudoexfoliation syndrome and its effects on intraocular pressure
Pak J Med Res Oct - Dec 2006;45(4):106-9.
Saidu Teaching Hospital, Saidu Medical College, Swat

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