Author: Fauziah Rabbani (Rabbani F)

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The Aga Khan University, Karachi *
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1Fauziah Rabbani, Shagufta Perveen, Naeem Abbasi, Wafa Aftab, Kashif Sangrasi, Leah Shipton, Aysha Zahidie.
Policy makers perceptions regarding performance of the lady heath worker programme: is there a know-do gap? findings from the Nigraan Project
Pak J Public Health Oct - Dec 2015;5(4):38-43.
Dept. of Community Health Sciences at the Aga Khan University Karachi
2Fauziah Rabbani, Shagufta Perveen, Wafa Aftab.
Investing in universal health coverage for childhood Diarrhea and Pneumonia: Lesson learnt from nigraan implementation research
Pak J Public Health Jan - Mar 2015;5(1):36-8.
Department of Community Health Sciences, Aga Khan University Karachi Pakistan
3Fauziah Rabbani, Farah Naz Hashmani, Husain Maqbool Ahmed Khuwaja.
Enabling factors for implementing hepatitis control policy in pakistan: let's take a health systems approach
Pak J Public Health Oct - Dec 2014;4(4):40-2.
Department of Community Health Sciences at the Aga Khan University, PO Box 3500, Stadium Road, Karachi, Pakistan
4Fauziah Rabbani, Agha Xaher Gul.
Revitalizing primary health care in the post MDG scenario by addressing social and environmental determinants of health: the Aga Khan University's urban health program
Pak J Public Health Jan - Mar 2013;3(1):65-8.
The Aga Khan University, Karachi
5Aysha Zahidie, Fauziah Rabbani.
Impact of water and sanitation and health education interventions on health and hygiene behaviors: a study from a northern Pakistani village
Pak J Public Health Jan - Mar 2013;3(1):39-44.
The Aga Khan University, Karachi
6Fauziah Rabbani, Agha Xaher Gul, Shagufta Perveen.
Overcoming the MDG 4 implementation challenges: redefining the role of LHS in structured supportive supervision of lhws
Pak J Public Health Oct - Dec 2012;2(4):52-4.
The Aga Khan University, Karachi.
7Fauziah Rabbani, Yousuf Memon, Agha Xaher Gul, Nousheen Pradhan, Fahmida Khowaja, Peter Robert Hatcher.
Model of a successful community campus partnership: urban health program of Aga Khan University, Karachi
Pak J Public Health Mar 2012;2(1):71-3.
The Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan
8Fauziah Rabbani.
Improving quality of care in hospitals: is there a role for performance management?
Pak J Public Health Dec 2011;1(1):53-5.
The Aga Khan University, Karachi
9Babar Tasneem Shaikh, Fauziah Rabbani, Najibullah Safi, Zia Dawar.
Contracting of primary health care services in Pakistan: is up-scaling a pragmatic thinking?
J Pak Med Assoc May 2010;64(5):387-9.
The Aga Khan University, Karachi
10Shahab Abid, Wasim Jafri, Amir Rizvi, Firdous Jahan, Fauziah Rabbani, Najmul Islam, Masood H Khan, Rana Masood.
Poor glycemic control is the major factor associated with increased frequency of gastrointestinal symptoms in patients with diabetes mellitus
J Pak Med Assoc Jul 2007;57(7):345-9.
The Aga Khan University, Karachi

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