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Department of Medicine Gomal Medical College, D. I. Khan *
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2Habibullah Khan, Mumtaz Alam, Akbar Khan.
Comparison of the safety and efficacy of single injection of subtenon triamcinolone and topical dexamethasone in reducing postoperative inflammation after phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation
J Pak Med Assoc Sep 2016;66(9):1127-31.
Department of Ophthalmology, Khyber Teaching Hospital Peshawar.
3Habibullah Khan, Javaid Hussain.
A case of idiopathic hypoalbuminemia turned as myelomonocytic leukemia
Gomal J Med Sci Jul - Sep 2016;14(3):172-4.
Rauf Medical Centre, D.I.Khan, Pakistan.
4Hashmat Ullah, Muhammad Farid Khan, Sattar Bakhsh, Habibullah Khan, Farwa Hashmat, Ubedullah Shaikh.
Impact of depletion of erythrocyte cytosolic-fraction glutathione by organic lithium compound on immune system
Gomal J Med Sci Apr - Jun 2016;14(2):75-8.
Faculty of Pharmacy, Gomal Univeristy, D. I. Khan.
5Hafsa Habib, Dur-e Nayab, Zafar Hayat, Shahid Jamil, Habibullah Khan.
Evaluation of efficacy of rifaximin in the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy in patients with cirrhosis
Gomal J Med Sci Jan - Mar 2016;14(1):37-40.
Department of Medicine, Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar, Pakistan.
6Nisar Khan, Habibullah Khan, Nowshad Khan, Iftikhar Ahmad, Faizan Shah, Atif-ur Rahman, Irfanullah Mahsud.
Clinical presentation and outcome of patients with paraphenylenediamine (kala-pathar) poisoning
Gomal J Med Sci Jan - Mar 2016;14(1):3-6.
Department of Medicine, Gomal Medical College, D.I.Khan, Pakistan.
7Hashmat Ullah, Muhammad Farid Khan, Syed Umer Jan, Ubedullah Shaikh, Farwa Hashmat, Muhammad Zeeshan Ali, Habibullah Khan.
Effect of mercury on reduced glutathione of human t and b lymphocytes: a comparison of inorganic and organic mercury
Gomal J Med Sci Jan - Mar 2015;13(1):30-6.
Faculty of Pharmacy, Gomal Univeristy, D.I.Khan.
8Mumtaz Alam, Habibullah Khan.
Comparison of changes in intraocular pressure after subtenon triamcinolone acetonide and topical dexamethasone
Pak J Ophthalmol Jul - Sep 2013;29(3):160-3.
Khyber Teaching Hospital Peshawar
9Iftikhar Ahmad, Muhammad Amin Jan Mahsud, Javed Hussain, Muhammad Hussain Khan, Habibullah Khan, Nargis Noman, Fazle Rabi, Sirajud Din.
Willingness of medical students for hepatitis B & C screening
Gomal J Med Sci Jul - Dec 2010;8(2):102-4.
Gomal Medical College, Dera Ismail Khan.
10Rahmanud Din, Ihsanullah Mahsud, Nisar Khan, Kamran Iqbal, Habibullah Khan.
Study of carcinoma esophagus in Dera Ismail Khan
Gomal J Med Sci Jul - Dec 2010;8(2):229-31.
DHQ Teaching Hospital D.I.Khan
11Hamza Khan, Zahidullah Khan, Jamalud Din, Habibullah Khan.
Etiological factors for acquired aplastic anemia in patients admitted to Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar
Gomal J Med Sci Jul - Dec 2010;8(2):195-9.
Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar.
12Shimal Khan, Amjad Abrar, Abdul Rehman Abid, Tehmina Jan, Habibullah Khan.
Effect of trimetazidine on left ventricular function in heart failure secondary to ischemic heart disease
Gomal J Med Sci Jan - Jun 2010;8(1):2-7.
Gomal Medical College D.I.Khan
13Hamza Arslan Aurakzai, Shahid Hameed, Ahmad Shahbaz, Salman Gohar, Moqueet Qureshi, Habibullah Khan, Waqas Sami, Muhammad Azhar, Jawad Sajid Khan.
Echocardiographic profile of rheumatic heart disease at a tertiary cardiac centre
J Ayub Med Coll Abottabad Jul - Sep 2009;21(3):122-6.
Punjab Institute of Cardiology, Lahore
14Ihsanullah Wazir, Fidaullah Wazir, Muhammad Javed, Muhammad Saeed, Najeebul Haq, Habibullah Khan.
Effect of vitamin E supplements in therapy of chronic hepatitis C: a histological study
Gomal J Med Sci Jul - Dec 2008;6(2):81-6.
Khyber Teaching Hospital Peshawar
15Aziz Marjan Khattak, Fidaullah Wazir, Habibullah Khan, Shaukat Ali, Syed Humayun Shah.
Effect of medium of education during school on performance of students in medical college
Gomal J Med Sci Jul - Dec 2005;3(2):44-7.
Gomal Medical College, D.I.Khan
16Habibullah Khan, Ihsanulah Mahsud, Hidayatullah Mahsud, Shaukat Ali.
Renal artery stenosis
Gomal J Med Sci Jul - Dec 2005;3(2):67-8.
Gomal Medical College, D.I.Khan

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