Author: Jamilur Rehman (Rehman J)

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Khyber Medical College, Peshawar *
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1Ubaidur Rahman, Naila Hamid, Ubaid Ullah, Nisar Ahmad, Muhammad Safeer, Muhammad Tariq, Jamilur Rehman.
The age at which testosterone starts decreasing in men now-a-days
Khyber Med Uni Med J Sep - Dec 2012;4(4):174-8.
Khyber Medical College Peshawar
2Ubaidur Rahman, Muhammad Faisal, Muhammad Safeer, Muhammad Tariq, Ubaid Ullah, Jamilur Rehman.
The effect of cigarette smoking on testosterone in young male adults of Peshawar
J Med Sci Apr 2011;19(2):106-8.
Khyber Medical College, Peshawar
3Amin-ul Haq, Rashid Mahmood, Zahoor Ahmad, Jamilur Rehman, Ghulam Jilani.
Association of serum uric acid with blood urea and serum creatinine
Pak J Physiol Jul - Dec 2010;6(2):46-9.
Department of Biochemistry, Khyber Medical College, Peshawar, Pakistan.
4Rubina Nazli, Muhammad Rasul Jan, Jasmin Shah, Tasleem Akhtar, Jamilur Rehman, Mudassar Ahmad Khan.
Changes in lipoprotein concentration in primiparous women with pregnancy induced hypertension
Pak J Med Res Oct - Dec 2009;48(4):83-7.
Khyber Girls Medical College, Peshawar
5Salma Attaullah, Rahim Bangash, Aman Ullah, Zahoor Ahmed, Jamilur Rehman.
Inherited dyslipidaemic disorders contributing to coronary heart disease
J Ayub Med Coll Abottabad Oct - Dec 2008;20(4):90-3.
Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar
6Rashid Mahmood, Nargis Parveen, Ghulam Jilani, Jamilur Rehman, Aminul Haq, Ihteshamul Haq.
Cardiovascular effects of short term noise of a constant frequency and intensity
Pak J Physiol Jul - Dec 2008;4(2):20-3.
Khyber Girls Medical College, Peshawar
7Aminul Haq, Aminul Haq, Jamilur Rehman, Rashid Mahmood, Abdul Jalal Safi, Zahoor Ahmed, Saatea Arif.
Pattern of lipid profile in type-2 diabetes mellitus patients
J Postgrad Med Inst Oct - Dec 2006;20(4):366-9.
Khyber Medical college, Peshawar
8Rashid Mahmood, Nargis Parveen, Ghulam Jillani, Abdul Jalal Safi, Salahuddin, Ihteshamul Haq, Jamilur Rehman, Aminul Haq.
Effect of noise on heart rate
J Postgrad Med Inst Jan - Mar 2006;20(1):12-5.
Khyber Medical College, Peshawar and Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar
9Saatea Arif, Taufeeq Ahmed Mufti, Anjum Zia, Sattar Khan, Jamilur Rehman.
Serum sialic acid and fibrinogen in complicated and uncomplicated cirrhosis
J Med Sci Jan 2006;14(1):66-70.
Khyber Medical College, Peshawar
10Saatea Arif, Taufiq Ahmad Mufti, Bushra Iftikhar, Shamim Alam, Abdul Sattar Khan, Jamilur Rehman, Abdul Jalal Safi.
A study of prothrombin time and activated partial thromboplastin time in liver Cirrhosis
J Postgrad Med Inst Oct - Dec 2005;19(4):425-8.
Khyber Teaching Hospital Peshawar
11Ghulam Jillani Khan, Rashid Mehmood, Salahud Din, Fida Muhammad Marwat, Ihteshamul Haq, Jamilur Rehman.
Secretion of calcium in the saliva of long-term tobacco users
J Ayub Med Coll Abottabad Oct - Dec 2005;17(4):60-2.
Department of Physiology, Khyber Medical College Peshawar
12Saatea Arif, Najeebul Haq, Ruhila Hanif, Sattar Khan, Jamilur Rehman, Taufeeq Ahmed Mufti.
Variations of serum sialic acid level in liver cirrhosis
J Ayub Med Coll Abottabad Jul - Sep 2005;17(3):54-7.
Khyber Teaching Hospital Peshawar
13Abdul Jalil, Abdul Wadood, Jamilur Rehman, Riaz Naseem, Abid Hussain, Jamshaid Ali.
Comparative susceptibilities of Escherichia coli to ceftriaxone alone and in combination with sulbactam
Pak J Med Res Jan - Mar 2005;44(1):12-4.
Khyber Medical College, Peshawar

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