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Department of Pathology, CMH Multan *
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2Mohsin Shafi, Waqar Azim, Asif Nawaz.
Effect of hypothyroidism on lipid profile in asymptomatic newly diagnosed patients
Biomedica Jan - Mar 2013;29(1):12-5.
National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad.
3Waqar Azim, Mohsin Shafi, Wajiha Farooq.
Comparison of serum calcium estimation by direct colorimetric and volume / volume colorimetric methods based on o-cresolphtalein principle
Biomedica Jan - Jun 2012;28(1):71-3.
Combined Military Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan.
4Waqar Azim, Mohsin Shafi, Wajiha Farooq, Saad Azim, Khalid Amjad Kiyani.
The need and rationale of thyroid function tests in a tertiary care laboratory
J Postgrad Med Inst Oct - Dec 2011;25(4):343-6.
5Khalid Amjad Kiyani, Waqar Azim, Mohsin Shafi, Tariq M Malik.
Effect of hypertension on body mass index and total cholesterol levels as risk factors in ischemic heart diseases
Biomedica Jul - Dec 2011;27(2):111-3.
National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad
6Waqar Azim, Wajiha Farooq, Muhamad Qaisar Alam Khan, Nasira Shaheen, Mobeen Iqbal, Saad Azim.
Biochemical pattern of liver function tests in hepatitis E epidemic
Pak Armed Forces Med J Apr - Jun 2011;61(2):184-7.
Army Medical College, Rawalpindi.
7Waqar Azim, Maria Mushtaq Gill, Saad Azim, Wajiha Farooq.
Assessment of fasting and two-hour post-prandial glucose as an economical test for monitoring of glycemic control, compared to glycated haemoglobin
Med Channel Apr - Jun 2011;17(2):5-7.
Army Medical College, National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad-Pakistan.
8Waqar Azim, Maria Mushtaq Gill, Saad Azim, Javaid Usman.
Relative changes in hepatitis-c virus RNA titre and serum ALT levels before, during and after treatment with interferon and ribavirin
Biomedica Jan - Jun 2011;27(1):39-41.
Armed Forces Postgraduate Medical Institute (AFPGMI), Rawalpindi
9Bushra Ayaz, Khawer Saleem, Waqar Azim, Altaf Shaikh.
A clinico-pathological study of oral cancers
Biomedica Jan - Jun 2011;27(1):29-32.
PNS Shifa Hospital, Karachi.
10Waqar Azim, Maria Omair, Muhammad Qaiser Alam Khan, Nasira Shaheen, Saad Azim.
Correlation between glycated haemoglobin and random plasma glucose levels for the screening of diabetes mellitus
Int J Pathol Oct - Dec 2010;8(2):59-62.
Army Medical College, Rawalpindi
11Waqar Azim, Wajiha Farooq, Mq Alam Khan, Saad Azim, Nasira Shaheen.
Clinical presentation in an outbreak of hepatitis E
Biomedica Jan - Jun 2010;26(1):58-60.
Department of Pathology, Army Medical College, National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad.
12Nazli Hameed, Asghar Ali, Waqar Azim.
Urodynamic findings in female patients reporting with lower urinary tract symptoms
J Ayub Med Coll Abottabad Jan - Mar 2009;21(1):8-10.
Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi and Armed Forces Institute of Urology, Rawalpindi
13Waqar Azim, Asif Ali, Saad Azim.
Rational thyroid screening by Thyroid Stimulating Hormone assay
Biomedica Jul - Dec 2008;24(2):89-91.
PNS SHIFA, Karachi
14Khawer Saleem, Waqar Azim.
Evaluation of a simplified protocol of steroid injections for nail psoriasis
Pak Armed Forces Med J Oct - Dec 2008;58(4):387-91.
PNS Shifa Karachi.
15Muhammad Sajid Yazdani, Suhaib Ahmed, Farhat Abbas Bhatti, Waqar Azim.
One tube osmotic fragility test: a screening test for microcytic red cells
Pak Armed Forces Med J Mar 2008;58(1):45-50.
PNS Shifa, Karachi
16Khawer Saleem, Waqar Azim.
Treatment of nail psoriasis with a modified regimen of steroid injections
J Coll Physicians Surg Pak Feb 2008;18(2):78-81.
PNS Shifa Hospital, Karachi

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