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Army Medical College, Rawalpindi *
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2Iftekhar Yousaf, Sobia Waqas, Waqas Hameed.
Modulation Of Visfatin Levels By Thiazolidinediones In Insulin Resistant Spragua Dawley Rats
Pak J Physiol Jan - Mar 2017;13(1):33-5.
Department of Physiology, Army Medical College, Rawalpindi.
3Iftekhar Yousaf, Waqas Hameed, Tauseef Ahmed Rajput.
Effect of thiazolidinedione treatment on resistin levels in insulin resistant sprague dawley rats
Pak J Physiol Apr - Jun 2015;11(2):8-10.
Army Medical College, Rawalpindi.
4Waqas Hameed, Iftekhar Yousaf, Rabia Latif, Muhammad Aslam.
Effect of visfatin on testicular steroidogenesis in purified leydig cells
J Ayub Med Coll Abottabad Oct - Dec 2012;24(3):62-4.
Department of Physiology, Pak International Medical College, Peshawar.
5Syed Khurram Azmat, Waqas Hameed, Muhammad Ishaque, Ghulam Mustafa, Aftab Ahmed.
Post-abortion care family planning use in Pakistan
Pak J Public Health Apr - Jun 2012;2(2):4-9.
Marie Stopes Society, Karachi
6Syed Khurram Azmat, Ghulam Mustafa, Waqas Hameed, Muhammad Ali, Aftab Ahmed, Mohsina Bilgrami.
Barriers and perceptions regarding different contraceptives and family planning practices amongst men and women of reproductive age in rural Pakistan: a qualitative study
Pak J Public Health Mar 2012;2(1):17-23.
Marie Stopes Society, Karachi
7Ghulam Mustafa Lodhi, Waqas Hameed, Tausif Ahmed, Rabia Latif, Muhammad Aslam.
Effects of ascorbic acid and alpha tocopherol supplementation on basal testosterone cortisol ratio in male sprague dawley rats
Pak J Physiol Jul - Dec 2011;7(2):07-10.
Department of Physiology, Al-Nafees Medical College, Islamabad, Pakistan.
8Waqas Hameed, Syed Khurram Azmat, Mohsina Bilgrami, Muhammad Ishaqe.
Determining the factors associated with unmet need for family planning: a cross-sectional survey in 49 districts of Pakistan
Pak J Public Health Dec 2011;1(1):21-6.
Marie Stopes Society, Pakistan.
9Raeesa Naz, Waqas Hameed, Muhammad Mazhar Hussain, Muhammad Aslam.
Glucose lowering effect of visfatin in obese and insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
Pak J Physiol Jan - Jun 2011;7(1):04-7.
Department of Physiology, Army Medical College, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
10Waqas Hameed, Muhammad Shamaun Razi, Shafqat Ali, Muhammad Mazhar Hussain, Muhammad Aslam, Sohail Aziz.
¡®p¡¯ mitrale and left atrial enlargement: comparison with echocardiography
Pak J Physiol Jul - Dec 2009;5(2):24-6.
Army Medical College, Rawalpindi
11Shafqat Ali, Liaqat Ali Minhas, Waqas Hameed, Muhamad Arshad.
Immunohistochemical detection of fibronectin in human thymus-comparison between groups of different ages
Pak J Physiol Jan - Jun 2009;5(1):45-50.
Army Medical College, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
12Uhammad Shamaun Razi, Waqas Hameed, Syed Shahid Habib, Muhammad Aslam, Rizwan Ashraf.
Synergism between Collagen — Adenosine Diphosphate and Collagen — Epinephrine in Platelets’ Aggregation: Different dose response relationships
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2009;59(6):368-71.
Armed Forces Instiute of Pathology, Rawalpindi
13Muhammad Alamgir Khan, Muhammad Mazhar Husssain, Muhammad Aslam, Imran Majeed, Waqas Hameed.
Frequency of ventricular late potentials in healthy population
Pak J Physiol Jun 2007;3(1):14-8.
Army Medical College, Rawalpindi
14Waqas Hameed, Mazhar Hussain, Idrees Farooq Butt, Muhammad Aslam.
Medical Education and training for Disaster management: an urgent need
Pak Armed Forces Med J Dec 2006;56(4):425-32.
Army Medical College, Rawalpindi
15Muhammad Shamaun Razi, Idrees Farooq Butt, Muhammad Aslam, Waqas Hameed, Rizwan Ashraf, Shehla Effendi.
Dose response relationships of different reagents for platelet aggregation
Pak J Physiol Dec 2005;1(1-2):11-4.
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Rawalpindi
16Waqas Hameed, Muhammad Shamaun Razi, Muhammad Alamgir Khan, Muhammad Mazhar Hussain, Sohail Aziz, Shahid Habib, Muhammad Aslam.
Electrocardiographic diagnosis of left ventricular hypertrophy: comparison with Echocardiography
Pak J Physiol Dec 2005;1(1-2):35-8.
Army Medical College, Rawalpindi

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