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bilal hsa

Re: synopsis topic

Well man, Me also a student of MSPH , well you can chose one of the topics;
1. Knowledge of health care providers about the dengue fever.
2. Types of health care package provided by MNCH prgm


Re: synopsis topic

PLEASES DO NOT ASK FOR TOPICS, as nothing can match what originally is in your mind, yet, if you need support, better, check following pubmed there you can type and search topic of your own choice and interest, than thoroughly go through some latest articles in international medical journals of good impact. do not forget to check how much work is already done on same topic because your topic will value more if it has something new in it, even the title shall be eye cathcing . wish u all the best.


Re: synopsis topic

I wish I could help you here; in fact, no one can help you in choosing a topic other than yourself and your mentor. You need to know what are you interested in, what excites you, or what creates the hunger to know more in you. Once you know what excites you, then discuss with your mentor to see what question will be feasible with the available time and resources to study. You can probably get answers to your specific questions through forums (such as this one) but it is very difficult (if not impossible) for someone to fully comprehend options and resources that are available to you.


Re: synopsis topic

Dr sahib
You please review the medical literature to select the topic. Internet is the most suitable media for help. you may have free help from me 03004668681


Re: synopsis topic

I would suggest to go through various articles related to your specialty in the PakMediNet (under specialty / category index). See if any article matches your choice or if you can get a new similar idea.