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Re: Wake up Doctors!

You are right there has been an increase in the threats for doctors. Especially those doctors and nurses that go to vaccinate kids against Polio. It’s important for the government to educate people about the advantages of getting vaccinated. Most people that work in medical field are at risk of being shot at. Doctors and professors both should be given security by the government.


Re: Wake up Doctors!

Dr Farhan
I saw your string ""Wake up Doctors"" today.
You pointed out a serious problem for doctors in our society in a very mild way.
The response to this problem by our colleagues is very surprising. Either they are not practicing or they are talking from some other planet…..
Honestly speaking, this is the biggest issue due to which I decided to leave Pakistan.
Our politicians, bureaucracy, media and public all are participating in disgracing this profession.
Politicians, especially in Punjab, have no authority on other departments. They find it the weakest community to say something against doctors to make themselves popular among public.
Bureaucrats take the revenge of their depression which they suffer after F.Sc. Not being on merit for medical and engineering. They always deprive doctors from their basic rights which they being a Govt. Servant. They do not let the doctors’ breath comfortably while in Govt. Job.
Public demands that doctors should be ready 24 hours, free of cost! He should have no time to eat drink rest and family. If something wrong happens to the patient, the doctor is responsible.
Our media has became the biggest JUDGE and PROSECUTOR on any issue.
Being MASIHA is a good thing but living in fool’s paradise is something different.
I my view, Pakistan is the worst place to practice medicine in present situation.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Wake up Doctors!

Dear doctor sahib. You seem to be harping on same old strings!
All issues ranging from rampant corruption amongst us, to ways of launching protests including their psychological profiles, have already been debated rather tediously here. I will suggest you to kindly re-read all the previous posts. You’ll find plenty of stuff and a plethora of examples to satisfy your current and even emerging curiosities of like nature. To me, it must have already helped you a lot in knowing the “other” point of view comprehensively.
I neither represent nurses nor am one of them. So shouldn’t really comment on their behalf about what really prompt them to this end and extreme. Apparently they were not heard when they were speaking their heart out!
In general signs of rebellion (in this case, on part of nurses) appear when systems either don’t exist or crumble. Latter in particular happen only when priorities are eccentric, policies; lop sided, vision myopic, objectives blinkered and largely self centered. This feat is accomplished either by a select group of individuals or also sometimes by whole of society when they insist on keeping their eyes wide shut in view of gathering storms. These are incapable societies which elect ineligible rulers. Nations are punished for individual crimes as they always have had a role to play.

Besides examples are not comparable if we want to draw parallels between two movements that is, of doctors and that of nurses!
You deserve in proportion to what you invest. They can’t imagine the hardships a doctor endures during his formative years while nurturing great and elusive expectations of at least some reasonable reward for his seemingly unending toil. This was one of the reigning reasons for his striving, cut throat, to attain this status in first place. They proved themselves “best” not to be treated as worst at the end of the day. I have just tried to show you and rest, how intellect fails or can fail when juxtaposed against stark realities. We form intelligentsia but hunger delimits and later can cripple even genius. If relationship between body and soul starts snapping, the very feeling can rob you of even your faith let alone we talk of advice about being persistent in cherishing our largely self-assumed goals and roles in face of any conceivable personal or collective crisis. On the same note, the loftier objectives in terms of welfare of patients and improving your personal academics also become questionable if even your basic needs are being jeopardized.

Now few words about Dr Ghazala are in order. As regards nurses I would not dwell on the technical intricacies involved and especially since the whole incidence definitely does merit enquiry before passing any judgment whatsoever.
The other side of hers, if true to context, is symbolic of what is happening in your society at large. Keeping your skin and soul clean while living in “filth” defies logic and will be hard to abide by for a ‘massive’ majority. Still culprits any where, should be taken to task but then by only those who can boast an impeccable past or a selfless present, to say the very least. Before applying “hudd” it is imperative to deprive one of the ethical grounds he may refer to and take solace in for being “corrupt. This is not a proposal, it is a systematic approach towards eliminating crime and reasons for crime if it really is the aim………

In the end, please note, doctors are being forced into opting for such unpleasant choices as observing strikes and agitating on roads. I know it for sure that “they” were never fond of coming in open under scorching sun and entertaining the possibility of losing every, or the only means to their bread and butter. And it is some thing amusing to note and tell that they were never “allowed” such liberty. “They are dealt with ‘iron hands’ if possible.” They were allowed only desperation if ever, heard. So dialogues lost credibility. Again this all has already been discussed at length….
In preceding paragraphs, I, with you all, tried to examine the reasons for this gloom behind curtains which is permeating our ranks fast and thick. At the same time, I tried my best not to ignore the flip side of coin, howsoever ugly that may turn out to be. There is an intense need to understand our own “insecurities” and to know how far justified, these can be! This is not a matter of just temporary snubbing of some fundamental rights, it may be way beyond it…………


Re: Re: Re: Wake up Doctors!

If doctors are allowed to leave OPDs for hours and refuse to attend patients , and launch protests of their own likings in a bid to force the higher ups to listen to their demands, then what about this Protest by the Nurses of PIMS which has actually brought the functioning of PIMS to a grinding halt..

And for those who do not know PIMS: it is the biggest and busiest government hospital in Islamabad with a drainage area extending to Kashmir , Upper Punjab and more..

And what about the ED of the Hospital Dr Ghazala , who allegedly tried to run down two protesting nurses, is running a private clinic in a government issued house for the > 15 years ( i was residing in the same lane )

I wonder where will all this end..Every body is concerned about his/her own welfare and Rights...Nobody is much worried about performing duties honestly and making the patients center of our little universe and honoring the pledge/oath we made while we were so keen on becoming a doctor many years back

Any Comments??


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Re: Re: Wake up Doctors!

Dear Dr Usman, I completely agree with you except on one point. My whole discussion on this forum so far, has been revolving around highlighting the miseries of doctors primarily, though without disregarding the possibility of finding our own "problem boys" who definitely exist as much as they do in any other department. I had to address this latter issue since it too; in many ways have connections with the present attitude of doctors besides being an oft-raised point of contention between us and them. The fact, for example that we in form of society never tried to put up serious efforts in identifying and then weeding out the reasons for this alleged and actual corruption and that the most of us find themselves just unfit to get into any kind of malpractice in order to be enabled to cope with the demands of daily life, can go a long way in explaining this pent up steam. Back doors are always invented and used when "rights" are denied. But that said, I never tried to deflate the importance of strong internal checks with stronger but not "undue" external monitors. Such mechanisms exist everywhere and are always highly needed and much desired for. This very truth further endorses my basic philosophy that we are like all "others" and should be considered as much fallible as humans are generally regarded despite the heightened sense of responsibility which is made part of our conscience due to very refined training given to us over the years and is considered unique to us as well as to many of those related to more or less equally sensitive jobs. This is what we have always been and will be proud of. While this makes us "special" in many ways, still we are genetically designed as ordinary, a fact, not acknowledged by public at large and is historically corrupted by the concept of that godly grandeur rather inappropriately exacted on and expected from us. Such neglect becomes the root cause of our many said and unsaid sufferings and spreading corruption in our ranks with consequent compromises on “ethics” we so fondly boast of as hallmark of our profession. Resultant desperation may lead to aggression and violence directed at "self" or outwards but can hardly be declared unjustified or curbed in given situation. This is too basic a psychological reality to be ignored by those who can appreciate their own and their fellow’s limitations.