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Re: doctor's wife

Thank you for your update regarding Dr Beco. i attend Dr Van Buyten in Sint Niklaas so I am familiar with Belgium and i attend there annually now and will hav eto for life to update my Stimulator.

I got to know about this from , , Ross Chiaramonte
I wish you best of luck following your surgery and hope that your pain is reduced as a result.


Re: doctor's wife

Such kind of doctors shouldn't be dealt with ..
its better to get your self treated from much more experienced doctors who are expert in most fields , href="

Like i know someone who can be of great help , Dr. Ross Chiaramonte


Re: Re: Re: Re: doctor's wife

I am MRCOG, practising Gynaecologist at Multan. My hubby is ENT surgeon and i have a daughter of 7 months. we want to shift to Saudia for job. can anyone guide please.


Re: Re: Re: doctor's wife

Salam. can any body tell me about the prospets for gynaecologists in Saudia?


Re: Re: doctor's wife

I am a practising Gynaecologist holding MRCOG