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iconfcps part 1 in radiology

hi i need help abt prep of my fcps part 1 in radiology can anyone help me plz tell me abt the books which would be helpfull 4 me thanks,. tayyaba.

Posted by: tayyaba ah Posts: 8 :: 27-10-2008 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: fcps part 1 in radiology

iconRe: plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me

Dear Dr.Tayyaba

First of all what I know is that FCPS-1 Rad. exam consists mostly of basic science questions u've 2 prepare them thoroughly esp Anatomy, cross-sectional Anatomy. Plz keep in mind dat 3 major basic science subjects for FCPS-1 in any subject r :-


I gave FCPS-1 in Medicine n Allied in Mar '08. My paper consisted of more than 50 MCQs on Anatomy out a total of 200. So prepare these 3 subjects very well.
As regards the books they have been mentioned already many a times by the various members of the forum.
In brief,

1-Snell's Anatomy and Netter's Atlas for Gross Anatomy - concentrate well on cross-sectional anatomy

2-BRS + KAPLAN for Physio

3-BRS for Patho (If u can afford time it's better to do Gen. Patho from Medium Robbin's)

4-KAPLAN for Pharmacology

5-HIGH YIELD for Embryology n Histology

6-USMLE 1st Aid book for Biochem n Behavioral sciences

Practice lots of lots of MCQs from MURAD n AZEEM SHEIKH.Also for MCQs u can visit the site It's an excellent site having latest MCQs from recent part-1 papers.
CPSP has now changed the pattern and FCPS-1 paper will be having MCQs from Behavioral Sciences starting from 2009 onwards.
For further info contact ur senior colleagues who have cleared FCPS-1 Radiology. They will be able 2 guide u better.
GOOD LUCK for ur exam !!!

Posted by: dr.usman Posts: 47 :: 01-11-2008 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: Re: fcps part 1 in radiology

thanks a lot dr 4 ur guidance .and i want to 9 did u clear ur part 1 if yes then congratulation,, again thanks a lot. take care bye

Posted by: tayyaba ah Posts: 8 :: 01-11-2008 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: Re: fcps part 1 in radiology

from where to do neuroanatomy?

Posted by: sarah lee Posts: 3 :: 07-11-2008 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: fcps part 1 in radiology

paper nov 2012 radiology 1-if hematocrit is 41,it means 41 percnt are rbcs 41 percnt are rbcs wbcs platelets 41 percnt is plasma 41 percnt is serum 41 percnt hb is rbcs 2-anemia of failure of maturation is macrocytic 3- child wid enlargd liver and lethargy is kwasiwkr 4-child aftr illnes got purpura,whts true factor 8 deficiency scurvy 5-after sore throat child got hematuria,raised bp and renal leisons post streptococcal glomerulonephritis 6- which blood disorder responds best to splenectomy heredity spherocytosis 7-antithrombin acts through which mech with heparin valine protease nd various othrs i dnt remembr 8-which is acquired thrombotic disorder sle protein c def protein s defficncy antithrombin 3 def 9-sle is genetic,whch of these favours it family relatives are positive for antibodies more common in females 10- female presented wid nose leisons and granuloma nd renal leisons and died wegners granulomatosis 11-which of these is commonest cause of systemic hemosiderosis hemolytic disease increased intake dec uptake increased activity of binding proteins 12-which is reversible but disordered shape n size metaplasia dysplasia anaplasia 13- cycloxygenases are released from endothelial cels thrombocytes 14-heparin is released from mast cels 15- in t.b,antibodies to mycobacterium is cel bound in plasma is trasferable 16-patient diagnosed as having alcoholic liver disease,wht vl b seen on biopsy mallory bodies fatty liver fibrosis 17-on endoscopy,squamocolumnr junction is far off from normal location of abt 3cms,whts it barret esophagus,normal esophagus 18- patient with anemia,wt loss,fever nd thn died after 3 months,on biopsy was histoplasmosis,which system is involved respiratory,git,nervous 19- after pyogenic lung abcess pt got meningitis,whats da cause streptococcus,staphylococcus,pnumococcus 20-which in cervix is neoplastic sq.papiloma nd many othrs 21- 35 yr old female patient presented with raised calcium,normal phosphate,normal alkaline phosphate,whts da cause osteomalacia,crf 22- most common cels in positive tuberculin test after macrophages are t-cells 23- criggler najjar is defficiency of which enzyme u-d transferase 24-tumor marker in ca breast ca-125 25-least no of mets sent to bone by liver 26- gi hormone that increases gi emptying gastrin,secretin,cck,somatostatin 27-highest secretion of gi hormones is by fats proteins,ethaNOL, 28-IN AUTOSOMAL DOMINANT DISEASE,1 PARENT MUST B DISEASED 29-HIGHEST BINDING FOR AVIDIN IS OF BIOTIN 30-UREMIA IN CRF IS DUE TO DEC GFR,INC BLOOD FLOW,DEC PCT ABSORPTION 31-BLOOD GLUCOSE 1OOMG-DL,STILL RENAL URINE POSTIVE,DEC RENAL THRESHOLD,DEC RENAL ABSIRPTION 32-ABOUT PHEOCHROMOCYTOMA WHTS TRUE 90PERCNT IS SPORADIC,10 PERCNT UNKNOWN,ASSOCIATED WITH MEN1,ASSOCIATION WITH NEUROFIBROMATOSIS 33-POST MENOPAUSAL PT WITH ESTROGEN THERAPY,SHE IS AT HIGHEST RISK OF THROMBOEMBOLISM,CA ENDOMETRIUM 34-FEMALE OF LOW SOCIOECONOMIC GROUP,3 CHILDREN N NOW HAVING CA CERVIX,CAUSE IS HPV 35-FEMALE HAVING LOW IMMMUNITY N NOW DEVELOPS LYMPHOMA,CAUSE IS AIDS 36-CHILD PRESENTED JAUNDICE N PALE SCLERA,WHICH TEST TO B DONE ALT,BILLIRUBIN ND ALT 37-AFTER COLOSTOMY WHICH IS MOST COMMON DEC CA,DEC PO4,HYPERVISCOSITY,HYPERGLYCEMIA 38-DUCTAL DEVLOPMENT OF BREAST IS UNDER CONTROL OF ESTROGEN,PROGESTERONE 39-MALE PRESENTED WITH INFERTILITY WHICH TEST TO B DONE TESTOSTERONE,FSH,LH, 40-TURNER SYNDROME,GENOTYPE IS XO 41-WHICH IS PREMALIGNANT CERVICAL EROSION,LEUKOPLAKIA, 42-A MALE ACCIDNTLY PUT HIS FOOT ON NAIL,WITH SEVERE PIAN LIFTED HIS FOOT,WHTS TRUE IS MUTISYNAPTIC REFLEX,ONLY FLEXORS INVOLVED,ONLY EXTENSORS INVOLVED 43-WHTS DA CAUSE OF CEREBRAL MALARIA FALCIPARUM,MALARIAE,OVALE ND VIVAX 44-PT IS HAVING INSULIN DEFFICNCY,WHTS MOST LIKELY INC LIPOPROTEIN LIPASE,INC FATS AND GLUCOSE TRANSFER TO FATTY TISSUES,INC FATS TRANSFER TO MSLS,INC KETOGENESIS IN LIVER 45-LARGE DOSE OF DEXTROSE WATER IS GIVEN TO A PT,WHTS DEC ANF,ADH,CORTISOL,INSULIN 46-PT,KNOWN HYPERTENSIVE,NOW COMATOSE,SERUM K IS 6.1 MMOL,WHTS DA CAUSE ARF,CRF,DIURETIC OVERDOSE 47- SHIFT TO RT OV O2-HB DISSOCIATION CURVE CAUSE IS ALKALOSIS,HBF,ACIDOSIS 48-IN CEL MEMBRANE 2NDRY ACTIVE TRANSPORT OCCURS OF GLUCOSE,PROTEINS,O2,CO2,NA 49-CAUSE OF EDEMA LYMPHATIC OBSTRUCTION 50-WHTS TRUE ABT ACUTE INFLAMATORY EXUDATE LYMPHOS ARE MOST COMMON,SPECIFIC GRAVITY IS LESS,PROTEIN MORE THN 3GM-DL 51-PATIENT PREVIOUSLY TREATED for meningitis,now having bilateral papilidema,cause is hydrocephlous,venous pressure 52-which 1 of these acts by c-amp mechanism enzymes,hormones,receptors 53-bioavailability is not effected by age,sex,gender,pregnancy 54-bioavailability is checked whn drug is given by oral route,sublingual,iv,im,rectal 55-most common adverse effect of cimitidine is antiestrogen,agranulocytosis,hepatic inhibition 56-good dr is 1 wid wel established clinin,active listener of pts 57-patient is having fatal disease n is now diagnosed,wht to do nxt tel da pt,tel her family,tel thm both,give crisp info wid proofs 58-a dr wanted to check da effects of two drugs cipro nd norfloxicin,he gives unlabelled cipro to group a and unlabelled norfloxi to group b,this is double blinding,single blinding,case control study 59-specificity of a drug tells wht true positive,true negative,diseased ones 60-patient wid moon facies,striae,hyperpigmentation,wht vl b true abt her blood tst inc calcium,inc po4,dec calcium,nd othrs i forgot 61-wht causes inc aldosterone secretion inc potassium 62-difference between endotoxic and exotoxic shock is on da basis of heart rate,resp rate,skin pallor,temp 63-parasympthetic nervous system causes dec heart rate 64-total peripheral resistance is related wid venous compliance,vasomotor tone,blood in capallaries,arterial pressure 65-sound due to rapid ventricular filling is 3rd heart sound 66-hemorhagic thrombi vl b seen in hypovolumia to liver,thromboembolism to lungs 67-abt a-v node,whts true lies rt to cristae terminalis 68-surgeon wants to ligATE A BLEEDER,WHICH ARTRY IS IN ANT INTER VENTRICULAR GROOVE LAD 69-CIRC IS BLOCKED,WHICH AREA IS COMPROMISED OF HEART POST OF LEFT ATRIUM 70-V4 CHEST LEAD SHOWS ST-T CHANGES,WHICH VSL IS INVOLVED 71-RECURRENT LARYNGEAL NERVE ND ITS RELATIONS,SPECIALLY DUCTUS ARTERIOSUS 72-IN CHEST WALL BUNDLE OV ARTERIES ND VEINS TRAVELS IN INNER N INNER MOST LAYER OF MSLS 73-MSL OF INSPIRATION IS DIAPHRAGM 74-ABDOMINAL ANGINA IS DUE TO SMA 75-WHICH DOES NT DRAIN INTO RIGHT ATRIUM PULMONARY VEINS 76-IN THORACOSTOMY WHICH IS PIERECED 1ST ENDOTHORACIC FASCIA,PARIETAL PLEURA,VISCERAL PLEURA,LUNGS 77-FIBROUS ND PARIETAL SEROUS PERICARDIUM IS SUPPLIED BY PHRENIC NERVE 78-PT IS HAVING HEPATOMA,DEPENDENT EDEMA,WHTS BLOCKED IVC,PV 79-IN BARE AREA OF LIVER MOST LATERAL LIMIT IS CORONARY LIGAMNT 80-LUNG HAVING APICAL SEGMNT TUMOR,WHT VL B INVOLVED NXT APICAL SUPERIOR,APICAL LATERAL, 81-LIGATENTUM ARTERIOSUM CONNECTS ARCH OV AORTA AND LEFT PULMONARY ARTRY,ARCH OF AORTA AND PULMONARY TRUNK 82-WHICH STRUCTURE LEAVES THORAX,ENTERS ROOT OF NECK,CURVES BEHIND MENUBRIOSTERNAL ANGLE SUBCLAVIAN ARTRY,ARCH OF AORTA,IVC 83-IVC BLOCKED ABOVE AZYGOUS VEIN,BLOOD VL B DEVIATED THROUGH LEFT LUMBERS,LEFT GASTRIC,RIGHT GASTRIC 84-IVC AND SUPERFICIAL UMBALICALS ARE CONNECTED THRU PARAUMBALICAL VEINS 85- NERVE SUPPLY OF RECTUS ABDOMINUS IS LOWER INTERCOSTAL ND SUBCOSTALS,LOWER INTERCOSTALS,SUBCOSTALS 86-RECTUS ABDOMINUS IS ATTACHED TO 5,6,7TH RIBS 87-ABT LATISSIMUS DORSI WHT IS TRUE LATERAL ROTATOR OF U.LIMB,SUPPLIED BY LONG THORACIC NERVE,TAKES ORIGIN FROM ALLTHORACIC VERTEBRAE,FORMS PART OF AUSCULTATOTRY TRIANGLE 88-LUMBER TRIANGL IS FORMED BY ILLIAC CREST 89-ATLANTOAXIAL JOINT ALLOWS WHICH MOVEMNT ROTATION,FLEXION,EXTENSION 90- FOR LUMBER PUNCTURE WE INTRODUCE NEEDLE AT DA LEVEL OF ABOVE L4,BELOW L5,BETWEEN S2 ND S3 91-FILUM TERMINALE IS AT WHICH LEVEL S2 S3,S3S4,L2L3 92-SUBARACHNOID SPACE ENDS AT WHICH LEVEL S2,S3,L4 93-PATIENT IS UNABLE TO EXTEND THE KNEE JOINT,LEISON IS AT WHICH LEVEL OF SPINAL CORD L3L4,L2L3,S1S2 94-WHICH MSL IS NT SUPPLIED BY SCHIATIC NERVE GLUTEUS MAX,BICEPS,SEMIMEMBRANOSIS,SEMITENDINOSUS,ADDUCTOR MAGNUS 95-PT UNABLE TO DORSIFLEX DA LEG,LOSS OF SENSATIONS,FLACCID PARALYSIS BUT CALF NORMAL,LEISON IS AT DA LEVEL OF COMMON PERONEAL,DEEP PERONEAL,TIBIAL NERVE 96-PROCESSUS VAGINALIS IS GABERNACULUM TESTIS 97-STENOCLIDOMASTOID IS SUPPLIED BY SPINAL ACESSORY ND OTHR OPTIONS WR THR 98-AXILLARY NERVE,WHTS TRUE ABOUT IT ITS RELATION WID SHORT HEAD OF BICEPS IS LATERAL,LIES LATERAL TO LATERAL CORD OF BRACHIAL PLEXUX,RELATIONS WD PECT.MINOR N MAJOR 99-WITH MEDIAN NERVE WHICH OF THESE DOES NOT LIE IN CARPEL TUNNEL FLEXOR DIGITORUM SUPERFICIALIS,FLEX.DIG.PROFUNDUS,FLEXOR.POLLICIS.LONGUS,MEDIAN NERVE,FLEXOR CARPI RADIALIS 100-EXCEPT LATERAL PART OV THENAR EMINANCE,ALL SMALL MSLS OV HAND ARE PARALYSED DUE TO INVOLVMNT OF ULNAR NERVE,MEDIAN NERVE,C8,T1 101-OVARIES ARE TO B REMOVED BT R TIGHTLY ADHERENT IN THEIR POSITION,WHICH VSL IS AT RISK DURING SURGERY UTERINE,EXTERNAL ILLIAC,INTERNAL ILLIAC 102- CERVICAL CA DRAINS TO INTERNAL ILLIAC L.NODES 103-TESTICULAR CA DRAINS TO PARAAORTICS 104-REGARDING BLOOD SUPPLY OF SURA RENALS FOLLOWING IS FALSE ALL VSLS ARE DIRECT BRANCHES OF ABDOMINAL AORTA 105-A QUESTION RELATED TO SUPRA RENAL WAS THEY LIE IN PERIRENAL FATS,LATERSLLLY GEROTA FASCIA BLENDS WITH RENAL VSLS,ANTERIORLY PARARENALS COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER,POSTERIORLY PARARENALS COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER IN MID LINE 106-REGARDING ANAL CANAL WHTS TRUE RECEIVES BLOOD FROM BOTH SUPERIOR AND INFERIOR RECTAL VSLS 107-ON DRE WHICH IS NOT PALPATED IN MALES BULB OF PENIS,RECTUM,ANNAL CANAL 108- A FEMALE IS IN 2ND STAGE OV LABOUR,ON PV HER ISCHIAL SPINES ARE SHARPLY INTURNED,SUB PUBIC ARCH IS NARROW,PELVIC BRIM CNT BE FELT,ITS OV WHCH TYPE ANDROID,ANTHROPOID,GYNECOID 109-THE CRUCIATE LIGAMENTS ARE INTRACAPSULAR,EXTRACAPSULr,INTRASYNOVIAL 110-REGARDING SACRUM WHTS TRUE IS PRIMARY SYNOVIAL JOINT,SACRAL SURFACE IS COVERED WITH HYLINE CARTILAGE,illeum is covered with fibrous cartilage 111-regarding prostate whts true covered posteriorly completely with peritoneum,is covered partially,separated from anal canal via denonvillers fascia 112-regarding ureter constriction which is false at pelvic brim,where croses illiac vsls,ischeal spine,at entry in bladder,at psoas msl 113- sequence of division of renal arteries is segmental,arcuate,lobar,interlobar,lobar,segmental,arcuate nd bla bla bla 114-testis has following relations epidydimas lies poteroinferior to it 115-structure on anterior surface of u.bladder forming median umbalical ligamnt is urachus 116-splenectomy is planned,to ligate spleenic artry,which ligamnt mst b opened spleenorenal,gastrosplenic 117-whts true abt spleenic vein lies posterior to pancrease along with tail n body 118-pancreata magna artry is a branch of spleenic artry 119-1st 2cms of deodenum is supplied by superior pancreatodeodenal artry,inf pancreatoduodenal artry 120- rt nd lft gastric veins drain directly into portal vein 121-which is not in ant relation to left kidney diaphragm 122-regarding thymus whts not true is supplied by sup.thyroid artry 123-if inferior thyroid artry is ligated,which of these is at risk recurrent laryngeal 124-during biopsy of l.nodes in posterior triangle of neck,whch nerve is at risk spinal acessory 125-parotid gland is enlarged,severe pain is due to unyeilding nature of capsule,involvmnt of auriculotemporal nerve 126-abt ext.jugular whts true formed behind angle of mandible and above sternoclidomastoid,pierces deep fascia behind clavicle 127- abt blood group antigens whts true are secreted in saliva,are agglutinogens 128-content of cavernous sinus is abducent nerve 129-abt trigeminal ganglion whts true is formed in middle cranial fossa 130-patient with rt sided weaknes nd left angle of mouth is deviated,leison is in cerebral cortex,pons,medulla,int.capsule 131-patient with loss of balance,plus sum vsl ws blocked in circle of willus,i dnt exactly remember 132-abt basilar artry whts true divides at upper border of pones,at lower border of pones 133-abt csf whts true has no glucose,is absorbed by arachnoid villi 134-which is not a part of midbrain tectum,cerebral aqueduct 135- wht vi surely b in relation wid lateral cerebral sulcus insula,and various others 136-which is not a part of diencephlon superior cerebral colliculus,nd others 137- axon do not have nissel bodies 138- motile cillia is a function of seminal vesicles,epidydimus,ductus deferens 139-abt ub whts true epithelium is derived from endoderm 140-which is critical for formation of cardiac outflow tract aorticopulmonary segmnt 141- whts da cause of annular pancrease malrotation of pancreatic bud 142-baby born with amputated limb,no other anomaly cause is amniotic bands 143-at birth ossification centres are in proximal humerus,proximal tibia,distal femur,fibula 144-1st bone to begin intruterine ossification is clavicle,femur,tibia 145-abt triglycerides whts true travel via lipoproteins 146-which transfers 1 group to other group transferases,isomerases 147-which 1 is nt replaced germ cells,glial cels,myocardial cells 148-patient was irradiated for limb sarcoma,3 mnths later develops desquamated skin of that limb,due to changes in squamous epithelium,endarteritis oblitrens,venous thrombosis 149-abt manubriosternal joint whts true is at manubriosternal angle 150-which is main piller of medial longitudinal arch navicular,calcanium,cuboid 151-whts true abt respiratory tract respiratory airway whr exchange occurs is lined by squamous epithelium 152-burn pt,died later on,cause was dic 153-regardng breast tissue whts false extends from 2nd to 6th ribs in both sexes 154-regarding lymphatics of breast whts true follow subscapular arteries,follow all arteries to breast 155-breast receives blood supply from all except which post descending thoracic aorta 156-steriods act through gene amplification 157- in genetic diseases defect lies in genes,dna 158-viruses act thru changes in proteins 159-regarding shoulder joint whts not true is weakest superiorly 160-extensors of upper limb receive nerve supply from posterior cord of brachial plexus 161-the posterior limit of lesser or epiploic foramen is ivc 162-signs of botulinum food poisoning is diarrhea,projectile vomiting,respiratory pralysis 163-patient after spleenectomy is not prone to pneumococcus,h.influenzae,e.coli 164-most common cause of pyogenic peritonitis in post surgical pts is e.coli,salmonella,proteus,anaerobes 165-actin not allowed to couple with myosin is tropomyosin 166-tetanisation in heart msls is prevented by automaticity,conductivity,frank starling forces,prolonged refractory period 167-t-waves in ecg are due to ventricular repolarisation 168-conductance along nerve fibre is due to entry of calcium,action potential along nerve cel membrane 169- epicardium of heart has purkinje msl fibres for conduction 170-sodium is multiplied by 2 for anions,proteins,other cations 171-pulmonary capillary wedge pressure is left atrial pressure 172-in severe dehydration wht occurs dec ecf,dec icf,dec total body h2o 173-both central nd peripheral chemo receptors respond to increased ventillation by inc co2,inc o2,dec o2,inc ph 174-liver is kept in its position by hepatic veins 175-suggestive of malignancy from benign is metastasis 176-in a child with parasitic infection,most common cells on blood c.p vl b eosinophils 177-most common cause of thyroiditis hashimoto,viral,bacterial,subacute 178-parathyroid adenoma is most commonly seen in young females,young males,premenopausal females,post menopausal females 179-ant fontenelle closes at 12 months,12 to 18 months,18 to 24 months 180-patient with trunkal obesity,striae,htn,osteoporosis,wht abnormality vl b thr inc calcium,dec calcium,inc glucose,nd others 181-patient in o.t at 20 celsius with 80 percnt humidity,heat loss is by conduction nd radiation,inc metabolism 182-female patient with anisicytosis,poikilocytosis,hypersegmented neutrophils is having megaloblastic anemia 183-abt thyroid gland,whts true changes shape with secretion 184-regarding kidney whts true cortex extends between medulla as column of bertin 185-highest source of energy is carbohydrates,proteins,fats,starch,atp 186-in healing by 2ndry intention whts true wound contraction occurs 187-in pulmonary embolism,thrombus is stuck in pulmonary artry

Posted by: sadiaqazi Posts: 4 :: 08-03-2013 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: fcps part 1 in radiology

RADIOLOGY NOV 2011 Diagnosis of typhoid in 1st week is Blood,Stool,Urine 2-Type of epithelium in gall blader is simple squamous,columner,columner cilliated,simpl columner,simple cuboidal 3-pt presented wid lymphadenopathy,most reliabl sign or diagnostic finding wil b AFB,Caseous necrosis,gaint cels 4-Cells not present in epidermis langerhans,keratinocytes,meissners,paccinians 5-msl involved in extension at hip and flexion at knee joint semimembranosis,semitendinosis,biceps 6-having highest triglycerides is HDL,LDL,VLDL,Chylomicrons 7-tumor widout hormone prodution is arrhenoblastoma,chondrsarcoma, 8-tumor which does nt give mets to bone is thyroid,prostate,breast,liver 9-3rd heart sound is due to rapid ventricular filling,heart failure 10-ECG shows ST-T elevation in leads v1 to v4,which MI is this anterior wal,anterolateral wal,posterior wal,inferior wal 11-Rt border of heart is formed by rt atrium,rt ventricle,left ventricle 12-which does nt form anterior surface of heart Left atrium,left ventricle 13-lysosomes contain hydrolases,oxidases,peroxidases 14-whts true abt RBCS are biconvex,have glycolytic enzymes,are largest of all cells 15-which is not a basic tissue nerves,blood,c.tissue,muscles 16-Hb dropped to wht percnt that cynosis occurs 2,3,4,5gm-dl 17-body secretions containing more thn .5gm-dl of albumin is lymph,saliva,tears 18-magnesium is highest in muscles,ECF,ICF 19-In AF wht occurs pulsus defficit,sudden death 20-bioavailiability is not efffected by age,sex, gender,pregnancy 21-antiemetic having highest bioavailibility is ondensetron,cyclizine,metomide,promethazine 22-structure that arches over Rt lung root is azygous vein,hemiazygous vein,aorta 23-whts true abt recurrent laryngeal nerve is a branch of vagus nerve 24-thoracic duct opens in Lft brachiocephalic vein,Rt brachiocephalic vein,subclavian vein 25-azygous vein is formed by Lft lumber and hemiazygous,Rt lumber and hemiazygous 26-whts wrong abt carotid sheath common carotid and both its branches are in it 27-regarding thymus whts true has highest number of lymphocytes,glandular tissue involutes shortly after birth 28-abt superior parathyroid gland whts true receives blood supply from superior thyroid artry,lies at 1st and 2nd tracheal ring behind middle of lobe 29-tongue drains into submental and submandibular l.nodes 30-abt thyroid whts true changes shape with secretory states,is derived from 1st pharyngeal pouch 31-regarding heart whts true sumthng abt musculae pectinae,chorda tendinae,infundibulum in outflow tract,is derived from bulbus cordis 32-which has no relation with Rt atrium SA node,coronary sinus,IVC 33-Pt with 40 heart rate has complete heart block,mobitz type1,mobitz type 2 34-pt wid known hypertension,which gland is hypertrophied PTH 35-SAME QUESTION IN PAPER 2 36- in CRF pt ,whts most unlikely hypophosphetemia 37-pt not having pulmonary edema but CRF,is now dypneoic,cause is metabolic acidosis 38-steroids act by gene amplification 39-if calcium decreases which vl not occur in nerve neurotransmitter release 40-whts an inspiratory msl ext.intercostals 41-which is an expiratory msl diaphragm 42-FRV definition 43-after vagotomy wht occurs effected GI motility,GI secretions 44-cardiac plexus receives input from Rt vagus,Lft vagus 45-1hr before meal pt makes her RBS checked,its under control by insulin,glucagon 46-which is anabobic insulin 47-in sympathetic stimulation wht occurs dec airway resistance 48-in parasympthetic stimulation wht occurs pupil constricts 49-pt with RBS 100mg-dl,is still glycosuric whts true not diabetic,impaired renal absorption,abnormally dec renal threshold 50-regarding FSH,LH whts wrong is decreased during ovulation 51-what vl not occur in increased estrogen of pregnancy dec uterine contractionz,inc uterine size,inc size of ext.genitals 52-regarding chorionic villi whts true are formed when there is mesenchymal core,causes gaseous exchange only,anchors fetus to mother,completely surrounds fetus at da end of 1st trimester 53-ionizing radiations cause their effects by free radical production 54-most reliable sign of cirrhotic liver disease on microscopy is council,an bodies,fibrosis, 55-myxoid degeneration is seen in mitral valve prolapse,limbsackman,marfans 56-man with normal trunk,kyphosis,but short limbs,is autosomal dominant,autosomal recessive,no link,unknown 57-most common anomalies are autosomal dominant,autosomal recessive,chromosomal,multifactorial 58-father autosomal dominant,mother normal,whts true 50 percnt childrn vl b heterozygous,25 percnt childrn vl b diseased,1 of the parent,s parent was diseased 59-schwan cells ,astrocytes,dorsal root ganglion are derivatives of neural crest cells 60-ureteric bud is derivative of mesonephros,metenephros, 61-regarding genital system males develop from endoderm mesoderm ectoderm,female from endoderm,female urethra has transition epithelium 62- abt primitive streak involutes to form mesoderm,is body wal or outer cel layer of morula 63- not branch of middle cerebral artry i dnt remember da names 64- wall of lateral ventricle 65- base of fourth ventricle 66-relations of 3rd ventricle 67-wallensburg syndrome in a pt of stroke is caused by vertebral,basal,post.cerebral,s superior and inferior 68-abt syringomylia whts true has central cavity with ependymal sells,20,10 nd 50 percnt relations nd risk factors 69-great cerebral vein does not get input from dnt remember names 70-brocas aphasia 71- regarding cerebellum voluntry control,modifies affernt inputs 72-base of cerebellum has transverse fibres of superior olivary nuclei,inferior olivary nuclei 73-sumthng abt nucleus solitarius nd ambigues 74-fibres of corpus callosum are for communication between two hemispheres 75-ca pancrease blocks CBD 76- female pt with pruritis for 2 yrs,jaundice 1yr,which tst must b done anti mitrochondrial antibodieS 77-highest specificity for heart msls after MI IS Trop-T.CK-MB,ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE 78-artry that crosses head of pancrease SMA 79-Aortic aneurysm wil not press upon which structure esophygas,lft.atrium 80-structure that lies in anterior mediastinum thymus 81-structure having no relation with submandibular gland facial artry,and others 82-proximal part of bile duct receives its blood supply from rt hepatic artry,lft hepatic artry,cystic artry 83-if hepatodeodenal ligamnt is cut accidently,which structure vl b damaged bile duct,hepatic artry,portal vein 84-bile duct runs in rt free border of lesser sac,lesser omentum,greater omentum,greater sac 85-patient with hepatoma,now dependent edema nd dyspnea,whts blocked hepatic artry,hepatic vein,IVC,SVC,PV 86-Pararenal fascia prevents spread of infection to all of these except supra transverse colon,infra transverse colon,contralateral kidney 87-pt having RBCS and casts on urine RE,is suffering from glomerulonephritis 88-least spread of ca occurs to liver,bone,spleen 89-patient with meningitis 2ndry to lung abcess is due to streptococcus,staphylococcus,pneumococcus 90-pt with meningitis bt normal blood glucose,proteins,no organism on culture but stains with red halos around it,whts it cryptococcus,coccidiodococcus,histoplasma,aspergilus 91-AIDS pt with immunosupressive therapy is suffering from i dnt remember the options 92-case control study 93-stratified random sampling 94-aorta lies at the level of L4 95-IVC divides at the level of L5 96-abt ovaries whts true size,ligaments size,cortex has follicles at periphery 97-abt uterine vsls whts not true travels in transverse cervical ligament 98-loss of sensations at scrotum,which nerve is not damaged illiohypogastric,illioinguinal,genitofemoral,pudendal,obturator 99-regarding sacrum whts true joint type was askd i thnk 100-prostate receives blood supply from inf.vesicle artry 101-which does not open in prostatic urethra bulbourethral glands 102-abt hernia whts nt true boundries wr askd and lacunar ligamnt 103-aminoacids are transpoted along brush border of illeum by facilitated diffusion 104-glucose along the concentration gradient is transported by facilitated diffusion,active transport 105-boundries of adductor cannal 106-radial nerve does nt supply wht radial nd ulnar periosteum nd various msls wr askd 107-deep palmer arch supplies which msl options wr given of msls 108-cysterna chyli lies to the rt of abdominal aorta 109-patient with lobar pneumonia on X-ray chest,whts da diagnostic tst sputum culture 110-coagulase negative staph,which is most common staph epidermidis 111-at 37 degree C,on blood agar grows which organism 112-highest amount of ig is ig-G 113-tuberculin positive,which hypersensitivity type 4 114-cels having receptor for ig-E Basophils,eosinophils 115-1st responce to hemorhage is vasoconstriction 116-histamine is released by mast cels 117-intrinsic substance needed for heparin is antithrombin 3,protein-c,protein-s and a factor was askd 118-male patient with MCV72,HB6,dysphagia,weaknes and target cels on peripheral smear is having iron def,thalasemia,sideroblastic anemia 119-reticulocytosis is seen in polycythemia,hemolysis 120-abt platelets whts true are produced from repeated division of megekaryocytes nd thy are diploid cells 121-female with fever and history of severe blood loss since last 3 months,other findings of anemia are there but serum ferritin is normal,whts true lab reports are wrong,not an iron def anemia,have hemolysis also,has been transfused 122-pain of stomach occurs in epigastrium, 123-pain on left upper quadrent radiating to back isof deodenum,pancrease 124-pain of stomach refers via greater splanchnic,lesser splanchnic,least splanchnic 125-regarding stomach whts true is most dilated part of GIT 126-child of 10 yrs,suddenly collapsed and died,autopsy showed fresh thrombus in coronary,cause is kawasaki,gaint cel arteritis 127-avidin has affinity for biotin,ribiflavin,B12,iron 128-abt popliteus whts true locks the knee,unlocks it 129-abt brachial artry whts true ends 1 inch above the elbow joint 130-msl not directly attached to limb and trunk deltoid,serratus,sub.scapularis,supraspinatus 131-not receiving innervation from C5 is teres major,subscapularis,supraspinatus,infraspinatus 132-breast lies at pectoralis major msl 133-abt breast whts wrong its tail drains into posterior axillary l.nodes 134-abt suprarenal gland whts true drains into renal vein 135-mean arterial pressure dec with 136-regarding bronchpulmonary segments whts true is structurl nd functional unit of lung 137-baby with blood group Bpositive is having erythroblastosis fetalis,mother is Bnegative,wht to b done transfuse Bneg ,or Bpos,or O bood group 138-least movable joint symphesis 139-mandibular joint in 1st yr of life is syndesmosis,gomphosis,synostosis,symphysis 140-patient previously had children with neural tube deffect,hw it cn b cnfrmed now alpha fetoproteins 141-10yr old female with terminal illnes,her parents say dont tel her,she asks you whether em dying,wht vl b your answer many pts with illness may survive 142- 9;22 is present in CML 143-abt Hodgkins whts true prognosis is good in young,sends mets to contagious sites,causes lytic leisons 144-which is not a liver granuloma lipogranuloma,gumma,silicosis,aesbestosis 145-which is asociated with malignancy aesbastosis 146-pt on endoscopy shows metaplasia at lower end of esophygus whts it barret esophagus 147-pectoralis major can be palpated by pressing the limb against da trunk 148-whts true abt the level C7---T1 C7 nerve arises here,this area has poor blood supply,no dorsal root ganglion here,diameter increases on extension 149-on LP whts pierced ligamentum flavum 150-diaphragm forms anatomical sphincture for esophygus 151-left phrenic nerve pierces diaphragm 152-appendicular artry is a branch of posterior caecal artry 153-resistance to methicillin by bacteria is produced by beta lactum production 154-stony dull percussion note is due to pleural effusion 155-thirst increases due to intrcellular dehydration,extracellular dehydration 156-what causes hypo-osmolar coma isotonic glucose,aldosterone,ADH, 157-abt sigmoid colon whts true has a mesentry of its own nd othr options 158-dyskerratotic bodies are present insquamous cel ca,basal cel ca 159-blood flow to heart is controlled by local mechanisms 160-regarding fallopian tubes whts true is most dilated part,fertilization occurs over here 161-urogenital septum divides wht gut from urogenital sinus 162-in pituitary leison wht occurs bitemporal hemianopia 163-DNA base pairs are 6.8x10/9 the number of genes are 15000-3500000 and various other figures were given 164-example of granulation tissue is inflamation is UCCD,T.B,actinomycosis 165-most commonly related to atypical bacterial infection is least common,drug resistance 166-cells that produce ground tissue and fibres is fibrocytes 167-endothelial cells release prostaglandins 168-definition of shock 169-specific of benign tumors is fibrous capsule 170-whts related to EBV nasopharyngeal carcinoma 171-whts good source of Vit-A carrots,green vegetables,dairy products 172-hypothyroid pt is now on thyroxine,how to check the status of hormones now T3.T4.TSH,only TSH,only T4,T3 173-Bile salts are absorbed here illeum,jejunum 174-heat loss in OT is by radiation,conduction,convection,evaporation 175-most common adverse effect of penicillins is hypersensitivity,rashes,agranulocytosis,anaphylaxis 176-a question related to cardiac output,stroke volume,heart rate 177-pt wid memory loss,ataxia and anemia cause is B12 deficiency,folic acid deficiency 178-in carotid sheath lies all of these except int.jugular,extr.jugulr,common carotid,internal carotid,external carotid 179-deep palmer arch receives main input from ulnar,radial arty 180-a question abt sympthetic chain,ganglion,lymphetics 181-foramen transversarium 182-emphysema due to smoking is panacinar,centriacinar 183-which part of deodenum is intraperitoneal 1st,2nd,3rd,4th 184-patient with ca head of pancrease wht further investigation needed FBC,CT,USSG,Blood tests 185-whts true abt CSF has cushioning effect,has PH equal to blood 186-major stress hormone is ACTH,Epinephrine,norepinephrine 187-sphincture urethrae is located in deep perineal pouch,superficial perineal pouch,above prostatic gland 188-a question related to a pt with hypertension and options were proximal to ductus arteriosus,distal to ductus arteriosus,at ductus arteriosus 189-a question abt primary and 2ndry polycythemia 190-derivtives of neural crest cells

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iconRe: fcps part 1 in radiology

hi tayyaba. i have uploaded past papers ov radiology nov2011 n nov2012 bst wshs 2 all thoz who r going to attmpt part1 n specially radiology

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