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PakMediNet Discussion Forum : Pediatrics : need help in preparation
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iconneed help in preparation

hi.i wwant to know preparation tips and books for passing fcps 1 in paeds...can any1 help me....

Posted by: bilal22 Posts: 3 :: 04-11-2008 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: need help in preparation

Well dear FCPS-1 for Paeds is da same as for Adult medicine i.e. FCPS-1 MEDICINE & ALLIED.
So here is what I did and by Grace of ALLAH succeeded in 1st attempt :-

As regards the duration of study,well if u hv a sound knowledge of
basic sciences n u did them well from relevant textbooks during
M.B.B.S. then u can prepare in even 3-4 months.I prepared 4 only 3
months but without any private job i.e. about 8-10 hrs of daily study.The books are :-

1-Snells Anatomy review for Gross anatomy ( leaving osteology,muscle
attachments;concentrate more on clinical aspects n Nerve supply)
Prepare Anatomy well 'cos in my exam some 40 odd questions were from

2-BRS+KAPLAN Physiology ( both books r essential )

3-BRS Pathology ( prepare General Pathology extremely well n if u can
afford time u can even prepare Gen. Patho 4m MEDIUM ROBBIN's )

4-USMLE 1st aid for Biochemistry

5-High yield for Embryology and Histology

6-KAPLAN for Neuroanatomy

7-KAPLAN Pharmacology (a must-do book for FCPS-1 MED &Allied)

Practice lots of MCQs from MURAD, AZEEM SHEIKH, n also go thru KAPLAN
MCQs Q-Book (not the Q-BANK).
Ideally u shud go thru MURAD
twice.However do keep in mind dat there r about 5% mistakes in MURAD
but u can easily pick them up by referring 2 textbooks. Work hard n hv faith in ALLAH. U'll succeed. GOOD LUCK !!!

Posted by: dr.usman Posts: 47 :: 05-11-2008 :: | Reply to this Message

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