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iconworking in UAE

Dear Drs.
Can someone tell me that how to proceed for working in UAE? There are three options: MOH, DOHMS and HAAD, which one is more productive?
What they ask in interview? coz I have USMLE and exam might be exampted.
And what about docs vaerification?


Posted by: Mali77 Posts: 20 :: 03-04-2009 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: working in UAE

There are four different Government Organizations in United Arab Emirates which deal with the health services in this country. These are as following:
(1).Ministry of Health (MOH) UAE. It deals with the health services all over UAE Except those hospitals which are taken over by GAHS (in Abu Dhabi State) or DOH (in Dubai State) or Ministry of Defence (MOD). So simply we can say that out of the Seven States of UAE { (1).Abu Dhabi, (2).Dubai, (3). Sharjah, (4).Ajman, (5). Fujairah, (6).Ras Al Khaimah & (7) Umm-al-qaiwain.} MOH registration is required in "every" hospital of five states (Sharjah, .Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah & Umm-al-qaiwain) and in "some" hospitals of the State of Abu Dhabi & the State of Dubai. For MOH registration there is an exam for doctors. The exam is different for registration as a General Practitioner (G.P) and as a Specialist. The exam is conducted through out the year on specific dates in Abu Dhabi City which is also capital of the country. The forms of the exam for G.P or Specialist exam registration are available in the ministry of health office which is on Hamadan street in Abu Dhabi city.
The documents required for the submission of forms should must be attested from the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Pakistan & from the UAE embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan. These documents are (1). MBBS degree. (2). PMDC Certificate (3). House job Testimonials, (4) House Job Experience Certificate from the Medical Superintendent of that hospital (5) All other Job experience letters including the current employment. (6) Nikkah Nama, if married (Both Urdu or English along with Arabic translation).
Please remember that ministry of foreign affair will never attest the MBBS degree until and unless MBBS Degree is attested by the Higher Education commission (HEC) Islamabad. So first of all submit the original MBBS Degree along with the result cards of all the four professional examination (don’t forget that along with the original MBBS degree you should "MUST" place the "FOUR RESULT CARDS" of the "FOUR PROFESSIONAL EXAMS" of MBBS and "DO NOT" place "ANY OTHER" document other wise the clerk badshaas of HEC will stamp an objection and will return your degree without any attestation" ( as you know there is "One Qaaf" in the "urdu word Kutta" and "Two Qaaf" when we write "clerk in Urdu" . Also remember that all these "Original" documents should be attested from the "Back Side" and "One or Two Good Photocopy" of these documents should be attested from the "Front Side". This rule is for all three departments i.e. HEC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & UAE Embassy. Don’t come to UAE without these attestations otherwise your time & money will be wasted. Attestation in UAE embassy is costly but its better to pay there in UAE embassy in Islamabad instead of wasting money and time here in UAE. . is the official website of MOH, UAE.
(2) General Authority of Health Services (GAHS), Abu Dhabi State. It deals only with health services in the state of Abu Dhabi. Please note that in the state of Abu Dhabi there are total five (5) Government hospitals which are taken over by GAHS these are: (I) Shaikh Khalifa Medical City in Abu Dhai City, (II) Tawam Hospital in Al Ain, (III) Rahba Hospital in Rahba (IV). Mafraq Hospital in Mafraq and (V) Al Ain Hospital in Al Ain ( Also Called Jimi Hospial). Abu Dhabi City, Al Ain, Rahaba & Mafraq are all part of the state of Abu Dhabi. GAHS only take over very big hospitals of Abu Dhabi State which are tertiary care hospitals. GAHS have only taken the above mentioned 5 hospitals yet from the whole Abu Dhabi. Among these hospitals the largest tertiary care center is Tawam Hospital in Al Ain. GAHS has not started a written exam yet for registration of doctors To get job in these hospitals the applicant doctor has to qualify in the officially offered arranged interview in which two consultants and one medical director sit and interview the applicant doctor. The interview is offered via e-mail of telephone after the submission of the CV with a complete photocopy set of documents in the Human Resource Department of that hospital. Apart from these five hospitals most of the government or private hospitals of Abu Dhabi State still prefer that the applicant doctor should have MOH Registration but even in these hospitals doctors can do job only when they get license from GAHS and not from MOH so these hospitals can recruit doctors without MOH registration because now in Abu Dhabi state the hospital have to interview the applicant doctor for the available vacancy and if the hospital decides to recruit that candidate the hospital applies in GAHS for the license of that doctor with signatures of the applicant doctor and after getting the license the doctor can do job "only" in that hospital for the period of contract which he has signed in that hospital

(3). Department of Health, Dubai (DOH). It deals only with health services in Dubai. Please note that in Dubai no government or private hospital accept MOH registration there is only one hospital in Dubai (Baraha Hospital, Dubai) which accepts MOH Registration. Applicant Doctors have to get DOH, Dubai Registration to do job in Dubai. There is no written or viva exam for DOH, Dubai registration but the candidate have to qualify the job interview after which the hospital officially recommends the DOH, Dubai to register this doctor in DOH, Dubai for job in "this particular" hospital. The job interviews are offered on telephone or e-mail if there is a vacancy (after submission of CV with a complete organized set of photocopied documents). The largest and most well known hospital under DOH, Dubai is Rashid Hospital.
The Department of Health, Dubai (DOH) office is also in the boundary of Rashid Hospital. All Hospitals of Dubai only accept online applications except the Baraha Hospital, Dubai which accepts the CV with documents photocopies by hand because this is the only hospital in Dubai which accepts MOH registration. The Official Website of Department of Health ,Dubai (DOH) is So you can apply in Dubai hospitals thru this website.

(4). Ministry of Defense (MOD). I know only two hospitals which are under ministry of defense these are Military Zayed Hospital in Abu Dhabi City and Defense Hospital in Al Ain. These hospitals are also big hospitals. I went to Military Zayed Hospital it’s a Tertiary Care hospital. But I have not seen the defense hospital in Al Ain.
Most of the defense related offices cantonments and hospitals etc. are in Abu Dhabi State especially AL Ain. (Please remember that Al Ain is the largest part of the State of Abu Dhabi).

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Posted by: shahilumhs Posts: 7 :: 19-04-2009 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: working in UAE

I am also interested working in UAE and currently I have travelled all the way to Dubai to get information. i am coming back to Pakistan 0n 15th of may.
You may contact me on phone or if you r in Dubai may contact here on local No.
Dubai 0971-0553362337
Pak. 0345-7787886

Posted by: Blaze Posts: 7 :: 27-04-2009 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: working in UAE

Thanks for the detailed information. I really appreciate it. I am at Dubai now, and sent my degree to Islamabad for verification. I visited MOH office, thay gave me examption from MOH exam, just interview.
thanks again

Posted by: Mali77 Posts: 20 :: 28-04-2009 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: Re: working in UAE

Dear Dr. Abid,
I'll call you soon,
take care

Posted by: Mali77 Posts: 20 :: 28-04-2009 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: Re: Re: working in UAE

Hello Dr.Irfan
How r u? Congratulations for examption of ur written test. I applied for DOH Exam but they asked for documents to be attested from UAE Embassy in Pakistan
I am staying here in AlQusais Tower 6 Flat 206 with some other Pakistani fellows.
Kindly contact me as soon as possible or give me ur contact.

Posted by: Blaze Posts: 7 :: 28-04-2009 :: | Reply to this Message


Dear fellows,

I went for DOHMS (GP)(Dubai) assessment few days back. Alhamdulillah, I was successful. If anyone is planning that, I 'll be more than happy to assist him

Good Luck

Posted by: Mali77 Posts: 20 :: 29-05-2009 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: DOHMS

hi,congrats!i hve done mbbs n after completing hj i worked for 2 yrs in karachi hosp. as a medical officer in medical ward,now im n dubai n wants to appear in doh exam so can u plz kindly help m regarding ds exam ,

Posted by: dr ghazala Posts: 2 :: 29-05-2009 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: Re: DOHMS

Hi,I believe you need five years of experience for DOH assessment. Anyways,it is half an hour interview/viva. If you want to apply independently, you have to pay 1010 AED but for urgent 2010 AED. It is less if you are sponsored by some health facility. There are three examiners. They discuss three cases. Cases are general. They also do ask EKGs. If you want to ask any specific questions, pls let me know.
Good Luck

Posted by: Mali77 Posts: 20 :: 30-05-2009 :: | Reply to this Message


Hello there,

I read your very detailed post on pakmedinet.

Can you provide with the sample of affidavit that is to be submitted for attestation of experience certificate by doctor to misinistry of health islamabad, pakistan.
that attestation is required by ministry of foreign affairs.


Posted by: Shararti Posts: 2 :: 09-08-2009 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: DOHMS

congratulations for ur success i am also planing to sit in DOHMS exam.could u please tell me how can i prepare for this exam. i have also passed plab exam.will there be any exemption for me or not.
thanks for ur help.
kind regards

Posted by: saimah Posts: 2 :: 25-08-2009 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: working in UAE

Thanks for your kind information which you shared.I have a question,Can a Pakistani national graduated from a foreign medical university do job in UAE?what are the requirements?

Posted by: yasir11us Posts: 5 :: 30-08-2009 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: Re: DOHMS

Exam is not that complicated.
Mostly ER questions. People mostly read oxford hand book, especially last ER section. I believe there are no exemptions from DOHMS.
In one case EKG is must.
Good Luck

Posted by: Mali77 Posts: 20 :: 08-09-2009 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: working in UAE


I m medical doctor(M.B.B.S) and have passed usmle 1, 2 and csa. please tell me if iam amexempted from MOH and DOH. PLEASE TELL ME IF I have to sit for interview and how can I registered for this exam. i will be very thank ful if you can kindly help me out and tell me the process of interview/exemption in my case.

Please also tell me how to contact Hospitals or how to apply for job.
please also inform if I need to submit my papeers to ministry of UAE first.

Thanks, I will appreciate if some one replies my queries.

Posted by: brains Posts: 4 :: 04-06-2010 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: Re: working in UAE

i want to work as gp in dubai.what is the procedure to follow?

Posted by: dnoshin Posts: 2 :: 11-06-2010 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: Re: working in UAE

salaam dear dr i m intrested 2 get job in uae.i have ten years working experience in ophthalmology i m working in Akuh can u help me out 4 job in uae im simple mbbs.regard

Posted by: mumtaz Ali Posts: 2 :: 14-08-2010 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: DOHMS

hi mali. i have a few questions that i want to ask u regarding doh exam for gp's. is there any way that I can contact you ?

Posted by: anjali Posts: 2 :: 16-09-2010 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: working in UAE

can any one please tell me how much time is taken by MOH Pakistan for attestation of documents, like MBBS degree and internship certificate? My MBBS degree is already attested by HEC and MOFA Pakistan.

Posted by: drnnn Posts: 2 :: 18-09-2010 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: working in UAE

I have passed both steps of usmle and work experience for five years as observer extern in adult psychiatry, child psychiatry and neurology. what will be my position in uae moh

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Posted by: hushahs Posts: 3 :: 22-09-2010 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: Re: working in UAE

have passed both steps of usmle and work experience for five years as observer extern in adult psychiatry, child psychiatry and neurology. what will be my position in uae moh

Posted by: hushahs Posts: 3 :: 22-09-2010 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: DOHMS

dear brother i wanna apply for dohms .i have three years experience in plse give me guide line regarding dohms exam
many thanks

Posted by: dr.toufiqu Posts: 2 :: 03-10-2010 :: | Reply to this Message

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