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PakMediNet Discussion Forum : Pediatrics : BCG vaccine
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iconBCG vaccine

If the baby doesnt develop the typical ulcerative lesion after BCG vaccine then what could be the possible reasons and how to proceed?Is it necessary to have such lesion/scar to ensure effecacy of vaccine.

Posted by: nadiashams Posts: 7 :: 08-06-2005 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: BCG vaccine

you did not mention the age of child. I think if the BCG reaction did not occur after some months it should be repeated.

Posted by: shahrana Posts: 2 :: 28-01-2006 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: BCG vaccine

Hello all,

Well,Nadia had already said its a baby and baby is a baby,not an adult(under an year is a baby).

Just wanted to ask if the BCG was given under skin as "BCG given to babies by the percutaneous method (using a device with several small needles) will not usually leave a scar.But a correctly intradermally administered BCG will normally leave a scar.Ask the doctor if it was percutaneous/intradermal?

Nadia ,see this site it might be helpful.


Posted by: Dr.Bhutto Posts: 4 :: 23-02-2009 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: Re: BCG vaccine

scar or ulceration is not necessary for BCG vaccine to be effective

Posted by: BVHOSPITAL Posts: 131 :: 03-04-2009 :: | Reply to this Message

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