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iconGP Jobs in canada

Dear Young Doctors.
I read few postings about canadain exams and availability of residency.
This posting is regrading GP/FP jobs in canada. If you have MBBS and have 3 month training house job in surgery/medicine/obgyn/peads/psych. you can send your CV to one of the provincial health boards for evaluation, if you qualify then they will sponsor your training for 6 months and all u have to do is to pass the LMCC Exam. You will be a GP in canada with pay arround CAN $120-140,000./ anum after 2 years working in a rural hopsital u will qualify to sit in canadian family board exam. Check these links for details,

If you have any further questions please communicate throguh this forum.

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Posted by: iqbalmd Posts: 22 :: 01-12-2006 :: | Reply to this Message

iconRe: GP Jobs in canada

dear iqbalmd,
you ve not mentioned about mcc exams like,MCCEE, QE1 and QE2.can i get a job of gp/fp without passing these exams.pls tell me about the scope as a surgical specialist for rural/underserviced area.thnks

Posted by: munirbaluc Posts: 2 :: 18-06-2008 :: | Reply to this Message

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