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iconMembership of Asian Spinal Cord Network

Dear All

ASCoN, an affiliated society of the International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS), consists of a group of organisations in the Asia region that have come together to share and learn from each other in all aspects of spinal cord injury management, from initial treatment of the patient to re-integration of the person.

ASCoN was initiated in 2001 at the International Conference on Spinal Cord Lesion Management hosted by the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP), Bangladesh. Through the Network it was hoped that by coming together

· Organisations working in the field of spinal cord injury management could address similar problems experienced;
· There would be increased opportunities to learn;
· And good examples of spinal cord injury management could be replicated across the region.

To promote organisational and human resource development for organisations and people working in spinal injury management in the Asia region.

To share information, ideas and knowledge of best practices in spinal cord injury management among members.
Co-ordination and Networking
Members represent 46 organisations throughout 16 countries in the Asia region including:

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

An Executive Committee acts as the decision making body of ASCoN. Executive Committee members are representatives from:

Bangladesh - Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (Dr Fazlul Hoque, Chairman 2006)
Thailand - Chiang Mai University (Dr Apichana Kovindha)
India - Hope Hospital (Dr Capt Dilip Sinha)
India – Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, (Dr H S Chhabra)
Myanmar - Society for Rehabilitation Medicine (Prof Than Toe)
Vietnam, Handicap International (Eric Weerts 2005)
Nepal, Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre (Ms Esha Thapa)
Sri Lanka - Spinal Injuries Association (Mr Cyril Siriwardane)
Sri Lanka, John Grooms Overseas (Mrs Maggie Muldoon – ASCoN Secretary)

John Grooms Overseas acts as Member Secretary and is responsible for the overall co-ordination of the network and supporting its ongoing development.

My purpose of posting this information on this forum is to make doctors ( specially surgeons, neurosurgeons, spinal surgeons, rehabilitation physicians and others) to come forward and join this network. Even small countrie like srilanka, nepal and bhutan have more members than Pakistan. We need to have an adequate representation on such international medical forums. there is no membership fee
All of you who are intersted may complete the following information and send it to the ASCoN secretary at


1. Your Name:

2. Your job title:

3. Department in which you work:

The information provided in this section will ensure that the database for members is updated and correct

4. Name of your organisation:

5. Address of organisation:

6. Telephone:

7. Fax:

8. Email:

9. Website:

10. Who is the person responsible for your organisation?

11. What are the main activities of your organisation?

12. How did you hear about the Asian Spinal Cord Network (ASCoN)?

13. Please provide any additional information you feel is appropriate:

Signature: Date:

Please return the form to Maggie Muldoon, ASCoN Secretary, John Grooms Overseas, 17 Cross Road, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka or to

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iconRe: Membership of Asian Spinal Cord Network

aoa. thx 4 ur contribution in the field of medicine in pak. dnt get fatigued. thumbs up!

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Posted by: drgill Posts: 25 :: 06-04-2007 :: | Reply to this Message

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