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1Maseeh Uz Zaman, Rafia Toor, Shahid Kamal, Minhaj Maqbool, Salman Habib, Khalid Niaz.
A Randomized clinical trial comparing 50mCi and 100mCi of Iodine-131 for ablation of differentiated Thyroid Cancers
J Pak Med Assoc Aug 2006;56(8):353-5.
Karachi Institute of Radiotherapy and Neuclear Medicine (KIRAN)
2Shahid Jamal, Saleha Moghal, Nadira Mamoon, Sajid Mushtaq, Muhammad Luqman, Masood Anwar.
The pattern of malignant tumors: Tumour registry data analysis, AFIP, Rawalpindi, Pakistan (1992-2001)
J Pak Med Assoc Aug 2006;56(8):359-62.
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Rawalpindi
3Muhammad Moazzam, Khurram M Siddiqui, Hammad Ather, Raziuddin Biyabani.
Surgical ligation of scrotal varicocele for male factor infertility is a valid option of treatment
J Pak Med Assoc Aug 2006;56(8):363-5.
The Aga Khan University, Karachi
4Nusrat Husain, Richard Gater, Barbara Tomenson, Francis Creed.
Comparison of the Personal Health Questionnaire and the Self Reporting Questionnaire in rural Pakistan
J Pak Med Assoc Aug 2006;56(8):366-70.
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5Shahla Siddiqui, Gurmukh Das, Saad Ahmed, Hashaam Ghafoor.
Efficiency of PA Catheters in the ICU of a tertiary care hospital
J Pak Med Assoc Aug 2006;56(8):375-7.
Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi
6Sadiah Ahsan, Samiah Ahsan Zia, Jameel Ahmed.
A case of Tinea Saginata (tape worm) infestation of the uterus presenting with abnormal vaginal bleeding
J Pak Med Assoc Aug 2006;56(8):377-8.
Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi
7Muhammad Tufail, Mian Muhammad Rizwan, Haroon Javaid Majid.
Pleomorphic Rhabdomyosarcoma within a choledochal cyst; a rare cause of obstructive jaundice
J Pak Med Assoc Aug 2006;56(8):379-80.
Shaikh Zayed Federal Post Graduate Medical Institute, Lahore, Pakistan
8Shahid Aquil, Majid Rana, Zafar Zaidi.
Laparoscopic Assisted Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) in Ectopic Pelvic Kidney
J Pak Med Assoc Aug 2006;56(8):381-3.
The Kidney Centre Postgraduate Training Institute, Karachi
9Muhammad Yousif, Zaigham Abbas, Muhammad Mubarak.
Rectal Malakoplakia presenting as a mass and fistulous tract in a renal transplant patient
J Pak Med Assoc Aug 2006;56(8):383-5.
Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation, Karachi

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