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1Amin A Muhammad Gadit.
Need for training in cultural psychiatry: how relevant is it for Pakistan?
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):621-2.
Discipline of Psychiatry, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.
2Saulat Hasnain Fatimi, Roheena Zainab Panni, Awais Ashfaq.
Incidental finding of a giant aortic root aneurysm and its repair
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):617-9.
The Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan.
3Nasir Ali, Farrok Karsan, Ahmed Nadeem Abbasi, Zakaur Rehman Khan.
FIGO IVB (para-aortic lymph adenopathy) squamous cell carcinoma of uterine cervix associated with a left pelvic kidney: a therapeutic challenge
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):615-6.
The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan.
4Sharoon Qaiser, Sidrah Sheikh, Muhammad Shoaib Malik.
Homozygous familial hypercholestrolaemia presents with supravalvular aortic stenosis
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):612-4.
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, FJMC, Lahore
5Adnan Tufek, Besir Yildirim, Orhan Tokgoz, Haktan Karaman, Feyzi Çelik, Ilker Onguc Aycan.
Immediate cardiac arrest after neostigmine administration
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):609-11.
Dicle University Medical School, Diyarbakir, Turkey.
6Hasan Cece, Sema Yildiz, Omer Karakas, Ekrem Karakas, Ferit Dogan, Ismail Iynen.
A rare case of petrous apex osteoma
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):608-9.
Harran University, Sanliurfa, Turkey.
7Raza Sayani, Zahid Anwar Khan, Tanveerul Haq, Rana Shoaib Hamid, Muhammed Azeemuddin.
Rare co-occurrence of dural arteriovenous fistula and arteriovenous malformation with bilateral subcortical and basal ganglia calcification
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):605-7.
The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi
8Chaudhry Aqeel Safdar.
Learning from other professions
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):599-602.
Army Medical College, Rawalpindi
9Khizar Ishtiaque Khan, Shahid Mahmood, Muhammad Akmal, Ahmed Waqas.
Comparison of rate of surgical wound infection, length of hospital stay and patient convenience in complicated appendicitis between primary closure and delayed primary closure
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):596-8.
Combined Military Hospital, Malir, Karachi.
10Talha Mahmud, Syed Nazim Hussain Bokhari, Qazi Abdul Saboor, Safoora Aamir, Muhammad Aasim.
General perceptions and practices of smokers regarding tobacco-related issues and hazards
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):590-5.
Shaikh Zayed Hospital & Federal Postgraduate Medical Institute, Lahore.
11Abid Jameel, Sahibzada Mahmood Noor, Shahid Ayub.
Survey on perceptions and skills amongst postgraduate residents regarding breaking bad news at teaching hospitals in Peshawar, Pakistan
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):585-9.
Postgraduate Medical Institute, Peshawar.
12Rahele Hashemi Habybabady, Alireza Ansari, Ramazan Mirzaei, Mahdi Mohammadi, Marzieh Rakhshani, Abdolali Khammar.
Efficacy and impact of back care education on knowledge and behaviour of elementary schoolchildren
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):580-4.
Zahedan University of Medical Sciences, Zahedan, Iran.
13Mustafa Duran, Onur Kadir Uysal, Aydin Unal, Ayse Ocak, Mehmet Tugrul Inanc, Mehmet Gungor Kaya, Nihat Kalay, Abdurrahman Oguzhan.
Changes in carotid intima-media thickness over two years in patients on haemodialysis
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):575-9.
Kayseri Education and Research Hospital, Erciyes University, Kayseri,Turkey.
14Asma Ahmed, Talha Ehsan Khan, Tahira Yasmeen, Safia Awan, Najmul Islam.
Metabolic syndrome in type 2 diabetes: comparison of WHO, modified ATP-III & IDF criteria
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):569-74.
The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi.
15Abdul Razaque Shaikh, Abdul Mannan Rao, Ambreen Muneer.
Inguinal mesh hernioplasty under local anaesthesia
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):566-9.
Liaquat University of Medical Health & Sciences, Jamshoro, Sindh.
16Muhammad Shahzad Shamim, Syed Ather Enam, Muhammad Zubair Tahir, Mueenullah Khan.
Prospective case control evaluation of epidural midazolam for improving pain and ambulation after microdiscectomy
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):561-5.
The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi.
17Mahmoud Nekoei Moghadam, Narges Khanjani.
Assessing health worker's duties from the viewpoint of principals and pupils concerning healthcare of students in the rural areas of Iran
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):558-61.
Kerman Medical University, Kerman, Iran.
18Arshad Altaf, Ajmal Agha, Merydth Holte, Qamar Abbas, Salma Batool Jafri, Faran Emmanuel.
Size estimation, Hiv prevalence and risk behaviours of female sex workers in Pakistan
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):551-7.
The Aga Khan University, Karachi.
19Parveen Akhtar, Syed Nadeem Hassan Rizvi, Tahir Saghir, Faryal Tahir, Danish Saleem, Juwairia Mulla.
Angiocardiographic findings in patients with biphasic T-wave inversion in precordial leads
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):548-51.
National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Karachi.
20Shama Munim, Humera Ismail.
Pregnancy loss rate following amniocentesis
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):545-7.
The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi.
21Yasmeen Taj, Farhan Essa Abdullah, Faisal Aziz, Shahana Urooj Kazmi.
Temporal expression of extracellular products of staphylococcus aureus in vivo mouse cage model
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):539-45.
Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi.
22Serap Gunes Bilgili, Ayse Serap Karadag, Omer Calka, Hatice Uce Ozkol, Necmettin Akdeniz.
The prevalence of skin diseases among the geriatric patients in Eastern Turkey
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):535-9.
Yuzuncu Yil University Faculty of Medicine, Van, Turkey.
23Khadija Iqbal, Muhammad Yunus Khan, Liaqat Ali Minhas.
Effects of immobilisation and re-mobilisation on superficial zone of articular cartilage of patella in rats
J Pak Med Assoc Jun 2012;62(6):531-5.
Islamic International Medical College, Rawalpindi.

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