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1Shahnawaz Hassan Gardezi, Azhar Saeed.
Hypoglycemia; a predictor of mortality in patients of hepatic failure
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):537-43.
Nishtar Hospital, Multan
2Nabeel Dastgir, Ahmed S, Rourke P O.
Radial metaphysis fractures; community based treatment for un-displaced greenstick distal fractures
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):544-6.
General Hospital Letterkenny, Co Donegal, Ireland
3Mughees Anjum.
Hookworm infection
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):547-50.
Lulliani (Mustafaabad), District Kasur
4Aamir Husain, Abdul Qayyum, Dilshad Muhammad, Masood Javed, Muhammad Naeem Iqbal.
Bacteriology of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):551-5.
Allied and K.M. Hospitals Faisalabad
5Muhammad Shah Gilani, Abdul Sattar, Qaiser Mahmood, Abrar Ahmad Khan, Arif Rahim Khan, Shah Nawaz Hassan Gardezi.
Ventricular tachycardia; prevalence and prognosis
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):556-61.
Nishtar Hospital, Multan
6Waseem Talib, Mohammad Ikram, Mcps, Maimoona Hafeez, Mohammad Saeed.
Infertile female; laparoscopic evaluation
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):562-6.
Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Federal Postgraduate Medical Institute, Lahore
7Usman Rafique, Nadeem Ul Haq, Syed Ali Zul Hasnain, Kamran Zamurad Malik.
Glomus tumors
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):567-72.
CMH, Rawalpindi
8Muhammad Hussain Waseer, Sajid Rehman Randhawa, Javaid Iqbal.
Thyroid malignancy; management update
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):573-9.
Punjab Medical Collage, Faisalabad
9Fraz Saeed Qureshi, Ahmed Bilal, Rizwan Rasool Khan, Ghazala Khalid.
Stroke; frequencies of intra-cerebral bleed, cerebral infarction and sub-arachnoid haemorrhage
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):580-5.
Allied Hospital, Faisalabad
10Tehseen Ashraf Kohistani.
Acute severe asthma; salbutamol plus ipratropium bromide nebulization versus salbutamol nebulization alone
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):586-90.
Military Hospital Rawalpindi
11Muhammad Nasir, Malik Jamil Ahmad, Khawar Latif.
Pre-emptive pain control; comparison of ketorolac and diclofenac sodium
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):591-7.
Nishtar Hospital, Multan
12Bijan Khademi, Seied Basir Hashemi, Behrooz Gandomi, Abdul Hamid Chohedri.
Airway Foreign Bodies; A Retrospective Review
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):598-601.
Khalili Hospital, Shiraz, Iran
13Ajaz Ahmad, Shahid Imran, Nadeem Hayat Mallick.
Percutaneous transvenous mitral commissurotomy; outcome of in patients of mitral stenosis
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):602-9.
Punjab Institute of Cardiology, Lahore
14Abdul Hameed Chohedri, Khojeste L, Shahrbano Shahbazi, Elahe Alahyari.
Ephedrine for prevention hypotension; comparison between intravenous, intramuscular and oral administration during spinal anesthesia for elective Cesarean section
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):610-5.
Zainibiae Hospital, Shiraz University, Iran
15Ejaz Ahmad Javed, Muhammad Sultan, Ziaud Din Ahmad.
Nd: Yag laser capsulotomy and complications
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):616-9.
DHQ Hospital, PMC and Private Clinic, Faisalabad
16Maqsood Ahmad, Muhammad Saeed Akhtar, Muhammad Amer Adil, Badar Bashir, Muhammad Irfan, Zahid Yasin.
Typhoid Fever; clinical experience with levofloxacin, its efficacy and safety
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):620-6.
Allied & DHQ Hospital, Faisalabad
17Rizwan Ashraf, Imran Ashraf, Noor Kamil, Muhammad Shamaun Razi, Kausar Aamir, Imran Khan, Abdul Mannan.
Essential hypertension
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):627-33.
Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre, Karachi
18Seema Daud, Noreen Rahat Hashmi, Iram Manzoor.
Prevention of hepatitis B; knowledge and practice among first year MBBS students
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):634-8.
Lahore Medical & Dental College. Lahore
19Muhammad Ayaz Bhatti, Komel Zulfiqar, Moallam Ali, Farah Rashid, Mirza Inamul Haq.
Hospitals; caring and curing palaces, or threats of infections for the community from infectious waste
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):639-47.
Pakistan Railway Hospital, Rawalpindi
20Sadia Hameed, Arif Hussain, Sabiha Riaz.
Sentinel lymph node; lymphatic mapping in patients with Breast carcinoma
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):648-52.
Punjab Medical College Faisalabad and Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore and Allied & DHQ Hospitals, Faisalabad
21Safdar Abbas, Muhammad Bakhsh, Ahab Naqvi S M Shahab, Nouman Saddique.
Modified ultrafiltration in adult cardiac surgery is it really beneficial? a pospective randomized clinical trial
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):653-8.
Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology, Rawalpindi
22Nazir Ahmed, Waqas Anwar, Johar Ali, Syed Ali Akbar.
Diabetes Mellitus type 2; assessment of body mass index (BMI)
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):659-62.
Shahina Jamil Trust Hospital Abbottabad
23Babar Mumtaz, Muhammad Hussain Khan, Mohammad Wasif Khan, Mahmood Ahmed, Ayesha Mahmood.
Frequency of helmet use among motorcycle riders in Rawalpindi
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):663-8.
Foundation University Medical College, Rawalpindi
24Samina Badar, Imran Saleem Channer, Muhammad Saleem Channer, Seema Yasmeen, Muhammad Farhan Saleem Channer, Suffiyan Saleem Channer, Muhammad Khaqan Saleem Channar.
Malnutrition; determinants in children between six months to five years of age in Bahawalpur
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):669-76.
Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur
25Mumtaz Rasool, Shafqat Ali Tabassum, Abid Hameed Sheikh, Mohammad Mughis Amin.
Hypospadias repair
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):677-84.
Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur
26Tasnim Tahira, Mahnaz Roohi, Saima Qureshi.
Abdominal hysterectomy; performed by postgraduate (PG) trainees
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):685-8.
Allied Hospital Faisalabad
27Umar Ali, Pan Cheng Enma Qingyong, Yusuf Shah, Yu Lian.
Biliary tract surgery; surgical complications
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):689-96.
.. ..
28Muhammad Zubair, Muhammad Amir.
Gall stone ileus; a serious complication of cholelithiasis in an elderly
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2007;14(4):697-700.
Shifa College of medicine, Islamabad

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