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1Zahoorul Hassan Dogar, Farkhanda Almas, Khalid Siddique.
Viral Hepatitits; Areal threat in Pakistan
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2001;8(2):157-166.
Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad
2Tariq Parvez, Tariq Parvez.
Management of advanced cancer Prostate
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2001;8(2):168-78.
.. ..
3Farrukh Iqbal, Durre Najaf.
Acute Intermittent Porphyria; A review
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2001;8(2):180-97.
Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore
4Mukhtar Ahmad, Khemomal Kharira, Jamshad Iqbal.
Ionic imbalance; a risk factor for pathogenesis of cardiovasular disease
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2001;8(2):199-202.
Q.A.M.C, Bahawalpur
5Samina Javed, Muhammad Ashraf, Shah Jahan.
Pseudo Cholinesterase level; Assessment in males & females of different age groups
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2001;8(2):204-6.
Sheikh Zaid Hospital, Lahore
6Aslam Mahmood Malik, Asia Aziz.
Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy; Critical evaluation of presentation & management
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2001;8(2):208-13.
Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur
7Muhammad Naveed.
Tuberculosis of spine; Pattern of the disease in Paksitan
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2001;8(2):221-5.
Lahore General Hospital
8Muhammad Sohail Awan, Muhammad Mubarik Ali, Tanvir Hussain, Muhammad Yousaf Mian.
Management of pediatrics Epistaxis; A prospective study of 100 cases
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2001;8(2):226-65.
Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi
9Arif Parvez, Rasul Bakhsh Bikak, Farakh A Khan.
Upper Urinary tract stones; Study of risk factor in Quetta city
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2001;8(2):236-43.
Bolan Medical College, Quetta
10Khalid Amin, Muhammad Bashir, Ghulam Abbas Sheikh, Pirzada Muhammad Anwer.
Acute Renal failure; Its etiology and prevalence in Faisalabad
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2001;8(2):244-50.
Allied Hospital, Aziz Fatima Trust Hospital and National Hospital, Faisalabad
11Muhammad Hussain Waseer, Muhammad Akram Malik, Riaz Hussain.
Solitary thyroid nodule: Role of FNAC
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2001;8(2):251-6.
Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad
12Ijaz Hussain Shah, Mohammad Khalid, Safdar Hassan Sial.
Metastatic Prostate Cancer; Is it justified to determine serum prostatic acid phosphatase?
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2001;8(2):264-7.
Punjab Medical College/Allied Hospital, Faisalabad
13Muhammad Ashraf, Sadaf Shehzad.
Cerebrovasular accident: diurnal variations in its onset
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2001;8(2):268-73.
DHQ Hospital, Faisalabad
14Irfan Ahmed Mughal, Nasir Aziz.
Variations in dry weight and size of the adult human Calcanei
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2001;8(2):274-6.
Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad
15Muhammad Ajmal, Ayubur Rehman.
Aesthetic analysis of Punjabi nose
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2001;8(2):277-81.
Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad
16Abdul Rauf, Mohammad Yousuf, Hasnain Ali Naqvi, Abdul Zahid.
Peri-apical infection in the presence of Antibiotic therapy
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2001;8(2):282-4.
Bolan Medial College, Quetta

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