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1Aamer Nadeem Chaudhry, Asim Shaukat, Aamir Shaukat.
Osteomalacia; Value of plain radiography
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2002;9(2):85-7.
K E Medical College, Lahore
2Saeed Akhtar, Afzal Nadeem, Javaid Irfan Ullah.
Nuclear medicine & its applications
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2002;9(2):88-95.
Allied Hospital, Faisalabad
3Mustansar Mahmood Warraich, Muhammad Nawaz Anjum, Wajid Ali, Saqib Javed, Farooq Rasool.
Medial collateral ligament injuries; assessment with MRI
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2002;9(2):96-99.
Lahore Medical Imaging (Pvt) Ltd Lahore
4Ahmed Hameed, Arif Hussain, Tahira Fayyaz, Muhammad Tayyab, Janbaz Ahmad.
Chronic liver disease; Assessment of Antithrombin III levels
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2002;9(2):100-5.
K E Medical College, Lahore
5Hamida Khanum, Ambreen Naveed Haq.
Gynecological diseases; Pattern at Sandeman Provincial Hospital Quetta
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2002;9(2):106-10.
Provincial Hospital Quetta
6Muhammad Saeed, Muhammad Ajmal.
Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2002;9(2):111-5.
Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad
7Muhammad Akram Shad, Tehseen Iqbal, Muhammad Tayyab.
Serum lipid profile; The effects of Dietary Pufa and Mufa an experimental animal study
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2002;9(2):116-20.
Nishtar Medical College, Multan
8Liaqat Ali, Saifud Din, Akhtar K M, Irfan Ahmed Mughal, Tasnim Raza.
Dose & time related effect of Hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH)
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2002;9(2):121-6.
K.E.M.C Lahore
9Mirza Akmal Sharif, Pirzada Muhammad Anwer, Aamir Shoukat, Naeem Ahmad.
Amlodipine as anti-anginal; A clinical trial
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2002;9(2):130-5.
Allied Hospital, Faisalabad
10Muhammad Ahmad, Imtiaz Ahmad, Khalid Mahmood Gill.
Retrocecal Appendix
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2002;9(2):135-8.
Victoria Hospital Bahawalpur
11Pirzada Muhammad Anwer, Shahid Rasool, Mirza Akmal Sharif.
Typhidot test and blood culture for the diagnosis of Typhoid Fever
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2002;9(2):139-44.
Allied Hospital Faisalabad
12Qurban Ali Khaskheli, Saleem A Kharal, Anjum Syed, Qazi Muhammad Rizwan, Muhammad Asif Durrani.
Serodiagnosis of Helicobacter Pylori infection
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2002;9(2):145-53.
JPMC Karachi
13Basharat Manzoor, Tahseen A Cheema.
Role of Becker Island flap for soft tissue coverage in hand
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2002;9(2):154-9.
DHQ Hospital, Faisalabad
14Abid Bashir, Safdar Sial, Yousaf Shah, Shuja Tahir.
Stricture Urethra; A clinical study of 100 consecutive cases at Allied Hospital, Faisalabad
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2002;9(2):159-68.
Allied Hospital, Faisalabad
15Sawud Din, Nasir Aziz, Liaqat Ali.
Lateral Rectus spine of the superior orbital Fissure; Incidence of different types
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2002;9(2):169-72.
Punjab Medical College Faisalabad
16Saqib Siddiq, Mohammad Tayyab, Mahrukh Khan, Rashid Latif Khan.
Hypo-Osmotic swelling test
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2002;9(2):173-7.
Postgraduate Medical Institute, Lahore

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