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1Faisal Bilal Lodhi, Muhammad Ali, Iftikhar, Riaz Hussain.
Serum tumor markers
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):1-10.
Allied Hospital, Faisalabad
2Nageen Hussain.
Congenital rubella syndrome
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):11-6.
University of the Punjab, Lahore
3Riaz Ahmad, Nabila Kaukab, Imran Ahmad.
Weight of calcaneum and talus for determination of sex
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):17-22.
Quaid_e_Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur
4Muhammad Ayub Khan, Abdul Rehman, Muhammad Ashraf, Azam Ali, Allah Ditta.
Prevalence of HBV, HCV and HIV in blood donors at Liaquetpur
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):23-6.
Blood Transfusion Center Tehsil Headquarter Hospital Liaquetpur
5Shahida Sheraz, Sohail Shahzad, Mohammad Boota.
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):27-31.
PAF Hospital Shorkot
6Abdul Rehman.
The passive case detection of malaria at tehsil Liaquetpur
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):32-4.
Tehsil Headquarter Hospital Liaquetpur
7Milan Adamek.
Arterial hypertension non invasive diagnosis
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):35-41.
.. ..
8Syed Abid Hassan Naqvi, Omar Zafar, Sohail Shehzad.
Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):42-6.
Combined Military Hospital Bahawal Pur Cantt
9Faisal Bilal Lodhi, Tariq Farooq, Shafiq M, Riaz Hussain.
Anastomotic leak after small gut surgery
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):47-50.
Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad
10Aslam Mahmood Malik, Abida Riaz, Asia Aziz, Ljaz Ahmad Shah.
Factors associated with breech delivery at term
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):51-3.
Bahawal Victoria Hospital Bahawalpur
11Mughees Anjum.
Hookworm infection; its correlation with haemoglobin in rural population of Mustafa Abad (Lulliani) District Kasur
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):54-6.
Mustafa Abad (Lulliani) District Kasur
12Muhammad Azhar Qureshi.
Polytrauma epidemiology & prognosis versus trauma score
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):57-62.
PAF Hospital Mianwali
13Mohammad Younas Khawaja.
Clinical Pattern Of Panic Attacks In Panic Disorder In A Tertiary Care Hospital
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):63-7.
Ayub Teaching Hospital, Abbottabad
14Hamzullah Khan, Mohammad Hafizullah.
Morbidity data on hypertension; a hospital based study
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):68-71.
Lady Reading Hospital and Khyber Teaching Hospital Peshawar
15Sohail Abbas Sukhera, Saleem Ahmed.
Neonatal outcome: A comparison between epidural and general anesthesia for Cesarean sections
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):72-8.
Combined Military Hospital Peshawar
16Khalid Amin, Masood Javed, Muhammad Abid, Muhammad Naeem Lqbal, Abdul Qayyum.
Pattern of dyslipidemia in patients with CRF
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):79-86.
Allied Hospital (PMC) Faisalabad
17Rayhana Awwal, Ruhul Hassan Joarder, Shafquat Hussain Khundkar.
Tissue expansion; a versatile adjunct for reconstruction
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):87-91.
Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Bangladesh
18Yaseer Ahmed Shawky, Mohamed Osman.
Protection against malaria due to innate immunity enhanced by cholesterol free diet
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):92-100.
Niigata University Japan
19Khalid Naimat, Farooq Ahmad, Muhammad Shahbaz Amin.
Microbial keratitis
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):101-7.
C M H Chunian
20Naheed Fatima, Shabnum Ishrat, Shakeela Yasmin.
Prevalence and complications of asymptomatic bacteriuria during pregnancy
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):108-12.
Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur
21Sajid Shiekh, Muhammad Khalid Naseem Mirza, Fakhar Hameed, Muhammad Afzal.
Stapler hemorrhoidectomy: a novel and safe technique
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):113-8.
Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur
22Masood Javed, Khalid Amin, Aamir Husain, Dilshad Muhammad, Shahid Abbas.
Diagnostic role of endoscopy; an experience at Faisalabad
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):119-24.
Allied Hospital Faisalabad
23Javaid Iqbal, Muhammad Afzal, Muhammad Rehman Gulzar, Irshad Ahmed.
Open prostatectomy
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):125-32.
DHQ Hospital Faisalabad
24Bushra Nazir, Muhammad Shamoon, Muhammad Asghar Butt, Saifullah Sheikh, Hina Ayesha, Muhammad Tariq Bhatti.
Relationship of type of cerebral palsy with the etiology
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):133-7.
Allied Hospital Faisalabad
25Muhammad Siddique, Sayyed Naveed Masood, Rubeena Nazli Shaffi, Asad Ullah Jaafri, Fayyaz Hussain.
Thrombocytopenia in critically ill surgical patients; a study evaluating attributable patient`s mortality and transfusion requirement
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):138-44.
Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi
26Hina Ayesha, Muhammed Shamoon, Bushra Nazir, Muhammed Asghar Butt, Maqbool Ahmed, Ghulam Raza Baloch.
Nutritional status and micronutrient levels of children with celiac disease before and after gluten free diet
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):145-50.
Allied Hospital Faisalabad
27Asad Jamal Dar, Kashif Hanif, Haseeb Ahmed, Ubaid Ullah Yasin.
Refractory keratitis in hot climate
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):151-5.
Combined Military Hospital, Multan
28Sadia Hameed, Arif Hussain, Janbaz Ahmed.
Coexistence of endometrioid adenocarcinoma of the ovary and the uterus
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):156-9.
Combined Military Hospital, Multan
29Muhammad Ijaz, Bashirur Rehman, Rehane Kibria.
Urinary bladder gossipyboma (retained post operative foreign body in urinary bladder)
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2006;13(1):160-1.
CMH Muzaffarabad

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