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1Tanzeela Khalid, Muhammad Shahid, Muhammad Arif Maan, Muhammad Azam Bokhari.
Contact reactions in hospital workers
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):373-7.
Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad
2Bushra Sher Zaman, Muhammad Sheruz Zaman, Samina Badar, Muhammad Tariq.
Risk factors for primary postpartum hemorrhage
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):378-81.
Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur
3Arif Pervez, Mohammad Iqbal Khattak, Farakh A Khan.
Transurethral resection; a critical evaluation of the results
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):382-9.
Saleem Medical Complex Hospital Quetta
4Syed Asif Akbar Shah, Faisal Bashir, Tariq Ghafoor, Muhammad Umar Amin, Muhammad Aatif Choudhry.
Pneumonia; frequency of under nutrition in children under 5 years of age
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):390-7.
Military Hospital Rawalpindi
5Shakeel Ahmed, Naheed Ikram, Ume Ammara Shan, Asma Ayyub.
Heavy metal exposure; jewelers and automobile workers.
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):398-402.
B.Z.U Multan
6Tasnim Tahira.
Termination of Pregnancy; during second trimester by PGF2a in patients with Cesarean scar.
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):403-6.
Allied Hospital Faisalabad
7Aslam Mahmood Malik, Shazia Siddique, Ijaz Ahmad Shah.
Placenta previa; a study to determine responsible factors
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):407-10.
Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur
8Asif Alam Gul, Liaqat Ali, Ejaz Rahim, Shakeel Ahmed.
Chronic suppurative otitis media; frequency of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in patients and its sensitivity to various antibiotics
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):411-5.
Combined Military Hospital, Rawalpindi
9Waqar Rabbani, Ahmed Iqbal Quddusi, Sajid Mustafa.
Prevention of diarrhea; the role of health education
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):416-21.
Nishtar Medical College, Multan
10Shahroona Masood, Zafar Hussain, Aftab Ahmad, Zafar Hussain Tanveer, Ljaz Ahmad.
Incidence of myopia in school going children in Rahim Yar Khan
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):422-5.
Rahim Yar Khan
11Tariq Mahmood Malik, Amjad Iqbal, Muhammad Asghar Khan.
Post spinal headache; comparing needles of 25 and 27 gauges for incidence of post spinal headache
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):441-7.
CMH Lahore
12Moazzam Ali Atif.
Ischaemic stroke; role of Carotid Doppler
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):448-53.
Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi
13Naila Iqbal, Farina Altaf, Abeera Choudhry.
Menorrhagia; outcome of hysterectomies after 40 years of age
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):454-60.
CMH Peshawar
14Malik Muhammad Khalid.
Vesico-ureteric reflux in children; diagnostic role of micturating cysto-urethrography
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):461-5.
CMH Multan
15Iftikhar Hussian, Khalid Zaeem.
Intubation; comparison of Glyceryl trinitrate with plain lignocaine in attenuating the hypertensive response
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):466-70.
A.F.I.D. Rawalpindi
16Habibollah Kavari, Abdul Hameed Chohedri.
Regional anesthesia; bacterial catheter colonization: what are the risk factors?
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):471-8.
Shaheed Beheshti Hospital Shiraz
17Farzi Farnoush, Mirmansouri Ali, Heidarzadeh Abtin, Tarbiat Masoud.
Airway classification; comparison of standard blade versus english blade of Macintosh laryngoscope
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):479-83.
Guilan University of Medical Science Iran
18Zafar Hussain, Muhammad Akram, Muhammad Naeem Iqbal, Sharoona Masood, Fayyaz Ahmad Malik, Aftab Ahmad.
Postmenopausal women; atherosclerotic risk factors
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):484-90.
Postgraduate Medical Medical Institute, Lahore
19Atif Imran Shah, Mian Sarfraz Gul, Asad Shabbir Bokhari.
Tonsillectomy; quality-of-life improvement in school going children
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):491-5.
CMH Rawalpindi
20Bijan Khademi, Khadijeh Jamshidi Khosh, Ahmad Monabati, Abdul Hameed Chohedri.
Polymerase chain reaction; detection of human Papilloma virus (HPV) type - 16 and 18 infection in laryngeal and oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Southern Iran
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):496-9.
Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Iran
21Muhammad Saeed, Muhammad Mumtaz Chaudhry.
Visual acuity; assessment of efficacy and safety of different doses of intravitreal triamcinolone
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):500-3.
Al-Shifa Trust Eye hospital Rawalpindi, and Rawalpindi General Hospital Rawalpindi
22Muhammad Akram, Manzoor Ahmed Faridi, Muhammad Boota, Riaz Ahmad Khan.
Circumcision; caudal epidural block with single dose bupivacaine compared with tramadol for post operative analgesia in children.
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):504-11.
Combined Military Hospital, Peshawar
23Muhammad Nafees, Muhammad Muallam.
Inborn errors of amino acid and carbohydrate metabolism
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):512-8.
Mayo Hospital Lahore
24Iram Manzoor, Seema Daud, Noreen Rahat Hashmi.
Immunization status; assessment of children between 1 — 3 years coming to OPD of children hospital and institute of Child Health, Lahore
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):519-22.
children hospital and institute of Child Health, Lahore
25Marina Baptist, Ferdose Sultana, Tassaduq Hussain.
Anatomical variations; the origin of Profunda Femoris artery, its branches and diameter of the femoral artery
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):523-7.
Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Lahore
26Abdul Jabbar, Abdul Jabbar, Mumtaz Haider.
Anti tuberculosis treatment; general physicians approach.
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):528-30.
Bolan Medical College, Quetta
27Muhammad Tariq, Asif Zaman Rashid.
Hinman syndrome; non-neurogenic neurogenic bladder
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):531-3.
Combined Military Hospital Kharian Cantt
28Mohammad Abdul Naeem.
Reactive lymphocytosis; an enigma of diagnosis
Professional Med J Jul - Sep 2007;14(3):534-6.
CMH Gilgit

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