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1Muhammad Imran Suliman, Rushd Jibran, Muhammad Zafar Majeed.
Demographics of Bronchogenic Carcinoma patients and frequency of cell types
Gomal J Med Sci Jan - Jun 2006;4(1):2-6.
Department of Medicine, Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur
2Mohammad Hussain Khan, Fazalur Rahman Khan, Nargis Noman, Ghazala Hashmi, Seema Gul, Afshan Ali, Khalid Shakil Babar.
Essential newborn care practice in hospital versus home deliveries
Gomal J Med Sci Jan - Jun 2006;4(1):7-9.
3Muhammad Shoaib Khan, Irshad Ali, Aziz Marjan Khattak, Asmat Ullah, Mamtaz Ali Khan, Arshad Javed.
Frequency of Polyzoospermia and Teratozoospermia in infertile men
Gomal J Med Sci Jan - Jun 2006;4(1):10-4.
National Institute of Health, Islamabad
4Mohammad Jamil, Ikramullah Khan.
Meckle`s Diverticulum in patients with acute abdomen
Gomal J Med Sci Jan - Jun 2006;4(1):15-9.
Department of Surgery, Gomal Medical College, D.I.Khan
5Muhammad Usman, Shazia T Tabassum, Ikramullah Khan.
Pattern of medical disorders in adults in district Lakki Marwat Pakistan
Gomal J Med Sci Jan - Jun 2006;4(1):19-23.
Lakki Marwat
6Syed Qaiser Hussain Naqvi, Abdul Latif Ansari, Nazar Ali Memon, Jan Muhammad Memon, Anwar Ali Akhund.
Correlation of age with histopathological type of testicular tumors
Gomal J Med Sci Jan - Jun 2006;4(1):24-7.
Peoples Medical College, Nawabshah
7Nazar Ali Memon, Jan Muhammed Memon, Syed Qaiser Hussain Naqvi, Shafiqu Rahman Memon.
Percutaneous use of stone punch in the management of Vesical calculi in children: a new treatment modality
Gomal J Med Sci Jan - Jun 2006;4(1):28-31.
Peoples Medical College, Nawabshah
8Aziz Marjan Khattak, Bushra Ashiq.
Urinalysis and standardization
Gomal J Med Sci Jan - Jun 2006;4(1):38-42.
.. ..
9Syed Azhar Hassan Shirazi.
Heart trauma following blunt chest injuries
Gomal J Med Sci Jan - Jun 2006;4(1):33-5.
Gomal Medical College, DI Khan
10Jan Muhammad Memon, Nazar Ali Memon, Kausar Aqil Jilani, Syed Qaiser Hussain Naqvi, Gulshan Ali Memon.
An unusual foreign body in the urinary bladder
Gomal J Med Sci Jan - Jun 2006;4(1):36-7.
Peoples Medical College, Nawabshah

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