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1Manizheh Mostafa Gharehbaghi, Peirovifar Ali.
The effect of oral dextrose on pain relief of newborn infants
Pak J Med Sci Oct - Dec 2007;23(5):881-4.
Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz , Iran
2Akhtar Ali Baloch, Syeda Erum Abbas, Tahseen Ansari, Khadim Qureshi.
Headche of 1st day of Ramdan
Med Channel Oct - Dec 2006;12(4):24-7.
Liyari General Hospital, Karachi
3Shamsul Arfeen Khan, Habibullah Qureshi, Mujtaba Farooq Rana, Khemomal A Karira, Hasan Ali.
Carbonated beverages induced hypercalciuria in young males
J Liaquat Uni Med Health Sci Jan - Apr 2006;5(1):14-7.
Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi
4Shamsul Arfeen Khan, Hasan Ali, Khemomal A Karira, Rashida Qasim, Mujtaba Farooq Rana.
Hypercalciuria; induced by drinking carbonated beverages
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2005;12(1):52-8.
Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi
5Saeeduddin, Khanzada AWK.
Thermodynamic dissociation constant studies of Caffeine at different temperatures and in organic water solvent mixture
Pak J Pharm Sci Jan - Jan 2004;17(1):83-7.
Shah Abdul Latif College Mirpurkhas and University of Sindh, Jamshoro
6Zeenat Ayoob, Ahmed Kamal Ansari, Rehana Akhtar.
Pulmonary Function Tests in Heroin Addicts at Karachi
Med Channel Jul - Sep 2001;7(3):11-4.
Department Of Physiology Basic Medical Sciences Institute, JPMC, Karachi
7Ayaz Ahmed, S Ayub Ali, Fauzia Hassan, S Sohail Ali, Naheed Haque.
Dissolution rate studies on Acetaminophen tablets
Pak J Pharm Sci Jul - Jul 2000;13(2):39-43.
Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Karachi
8Fizza Akhtar, Tasneem A Raza, Tassaduq Hussain.
Nicotine induced Endothelial Injury
Mother & Child Mar 2000;38(1):9-22.
Department of Anatomy, FJMC Lahore
9Saida Haider, Anila Yasmeen, Tahira Parveen, Darakhshan J Haleem.
Neurochemical and behavioural effects of long term intake of tea
Pak J Pharm Sci Jul - Jul 1998;11(2):55-60.
University of Karachi, Karachi
10Muhammad Obaidur Rahman, Tauqir Ahmed, Sarwat Rahman, Atiqur Rahman.
Effects of socioeconomic factors, psychological stress, smoking, alcohol and caffeine on preterm delivery
Pak J Pharm Sci Jan - Jan 1998;11(1):41-6.
University of Karachi, Karachi

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