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1Nurhan Meydan Acimis, Mehmet Bostanci, Ahmet Ergin, Ali Ihsan Bozkurt, Aysun Ozsahin.
Effects of passive smoking in the work place on expiration air Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carboxihemoglobin (COHb) levels: Results of a survey in Turkey
Pak J Med Sci Apr - Jun 2009;25(2):190-5.
Gulhane Military Medical School, Turkey
2Shideh Assar, Shiva Hatami, Elena Lak, Mohamad Pipelzadeh, Morteza Joorabian.
Acute poisoning in children
Pak J Med Sci Jan - Mar 2009;25(1):51-4.
Golestan Hospital, Jundishapour Medical University, Ahwaz, Iran
3Zila Rubab, Ataur Rahman.
Role of nicotine, cotinine and thiocyanate in cigarette smoking: (active and passive)
Med Channel Apr - Jun 2006;12(2):7-11.
.. ..
4Ashish Bhalla, Atul Sachdev, Ram Singh, Lehl S S, Sanjay Dcruz.
Accidental poisoning due to motor vehicle exhaust
J Coll Physicians Surg Pak May 2006;16(5):383-4.
Department of Medicine, GMC and Hospital, Chandigarh, India
5Shahzad Sarwar, Altaf Alam, Anwaar A Khan.
Pulse Oximetry during Gastrointestinal Endoscopic procedures
J Coll Physicians Surg Pak Feb 2006;16(2):97-100.
Shaikh Zayed Postgraduate Medical Institute, Lahore
6Sohail Rasheed, Abdul Hayee, Yasmeen Lodhi, Rafi Ahmed.
Neonatal jaundice and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency
Ann King Edward Med Uni Oct - Dec 2005;11(4):566-7.
Institute of Blood Transfusion Service, Lahore
7Sohail Sabir, Tassawar Hussain, Mowadat Hussain Rana, Asma Asghar.
Renal and Neuropsychiatric manifestations of carbon monoxide poisoning
Pak Armed Forces Med J Sep 2005;55(3):247-50.
Military Hospital Rawalpindi
8Irfan Waheed, Akmal Laeeq Chishti, Arshad Alvi, Azhar Iqbal.
Hemolytic disease of newborn: Can we meet this challenge?
Pak Paed J Sep 2005;29(3):129-32.
The Children`s Hospital, & The Institute of Child Health, Lahore
9Muhammad Zameer, Shahab Naqvi, Syed Afzal Ahmad.
Effect of pre-medication on arterial oxygen saturation in patients undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
Pak Armed Forces Med J Jun 2003;53(1):68-70.
Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology/National Institute of Hearts Diseases(AFIC/NIHD), Rawalpindi
10Parvez Ahmed, Asad Mahmood, Shahid Aziz.
A case of Sickle Cell Hemoglobin D disease - Two years follow-up
J Coll Physicians Surg Pak Jun 2001;11(6):399-1.
Combined Military Hospital, Multan

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