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Shahanara Begum, Iftikhar Ahmed, Faisal Alam, Samsuzzaman, Parvez Hassan, Nurul Absar, Jalaluddin Ashraful Haq.
Characterization of an intracellular protease from Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Pak J Med Sci Apr - Jun 2007;23(2):227-32.
BIRDEM, Dhaka, Bangladesh
1Azam Jah Samdani.
Dermatophyte growth and degradation of human stratum corneum in vitro (pathogenesis of Dermatophytosis)
J Ayub Med Coll Abottabad Oct - Dec 2005;17(4):19-21.
King Abdul Aziz Hospital, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
2Gholamreza Asadi Karam, Mohammad Javad Rasaee, Mehdi Mahmoodi, Mohammad Khaksari.
Inhibition of Proteinase 3 (PR3) by suramin and fetal calf serum (FCS): effect of PR3 and suramin on chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO-CELLS)
Pak J Pharm Sci Jul - Jul 2005;18(3):46-8.
Faculty of Medicine, Rafsanjan Medical University, Rafsanjan, Iran
3Maciej Siewinski, Marian Grybose, Yousif Saleh, Marek Murawski, Godwin Bwire Ekonjo, Monika Grzesiak, Piotr Ziolkowski.
A comparison of Cysteine Peptidase activity and their inhibitors in the blood serum of pregnant women
Pak J Med Sci Oct - Dec 2004;20(4):381-4.
Medical University of Wroclaw, Poland
4Azam Jah Samdani, Yaseer Al.
The Effect of Proteinases (Keratinases) in the pathogenesis of Dermatophyte infection using Scanning Electron Microscope
Pak J Med Sci Oct - Dec 2003;19(4):264-67.
Department of Dermatology, King Abdul Aziz Hospital Makkah
5Rukhshan Khurshid, Atiya Abbasi.
Role of Cathepsin D, S and L in Breast Cancer
Mother & Child Sep 1998;13(3):89-93.
HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry , Karachi and Department of Biochemistry, Fatima Jinnah Medical College Lahore

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