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Raghuveer Choudhary.
Benificial effect of Allium sativum and Allium tuberosum on experimental hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis
Pak J Physiol Jul - Dec 2008;4(2):7-9.
Government Medical College, Kota, India
1Ali Zarei Mahmoudabadi, Zahra Mossavi.
Tinea incognito due to epidermophyton floccosum.
Pak J Med Sci Jul - Sep 2008;24(3):618-20.
Jundishapour University of Medical Sciences, Ahwaz, Iran
2Muhammad Sabir, Saleem Ahmed Kharal, Shaikh Sajjad Ahmed, Mughisuddin Ahmed, Asif Ali Abbasi.
Dermatophytes causing Tinea Cruris in our population
Ann Abbasi Shaheed Hosp Karachi Med Dent Coll Dec 2004;9(2):558-61.
KMDC and Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Karachi
3Muhammad Sabir, Saleem Ahmed Kharal, Shaihk Sajjad Ahmed, Amtul Hafiz, Samina Rizvi, Asif Ali Abbasi.
Etiology of Tinea Corporis in Karachi
Ann Abbasi Shaheed Hosp Karachi Med Dent Coll Jun 2003;8(1):38-40.
Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi
4Mansoor Dilnawaz, Naseer Rashid Dar.
Tinea Pedis: An Outline of the Clinical Spectrum and Diagnostic Approach
Pak Armed Forces Med J Dec 2001;51(2):146-51.
Department of Dermatology, PNS Shifa Hospital, Karachi
5Mansoor Dilnawaz, Nasser Rashid Dar.
Comparison of Various Diagnostic Modalities in Tinea Pedis
J Coll Physicians Surg Pak Oct 2001;11(10):625-7.
Department of dermatology PNS shifa Hospital, Karachi
6Mansoor Dilnawaz, Nasser Rashid Dar.
Tinea Pedis: A study of the clinical presentations in 151 patients
J Pak Assoc Derma Jan - Mar 2001;11(1):7-11.
PNS Shifa Hospital, Karachi
7Shahla Haroon.
A Study on the Efficacy of Dermatophyte Test Media
Biomedica Jul - Dec 1999;15:100-2.
Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, King Edward Medical College, Lahore

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