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Mirza Srafiq Ali Baig, Mir Amjad Ali.
Yag laser capsulotomy review of 500 cases at Civil Hospital, Karachi
Pak J Surg Jan - Mar 2009;25(1):41-3.
Civil Hospital, Karachi
1Mahtab Alam Khanzada, Shafi Muhammad Jatoi, Ashok Kumar Narsani, Syed Asher Dabir, Siddiqa Gul.
Experience of ND: YAG laser posterior Capsulotomy in 500 cases
J Liaquat Uni Med Health Sci Sep - Dec 2007;6(3):109-15.
Eye Hospital Hyderabad
2Tahir Mahmood.
Visual outcome of PRK and Lasik: five year followup
Pak J Ophthalmol Apr 2007;23(2):97-9.
Shaikh Zayed Hospital Lahore
3Farah Akhtar.
Aqueous misdirection syndrome as a complication of Neodymium:YAG posterior capsulotomy
Al-Shifa J Ophthalmol Jul - Dec 2006;2(2):70-2.
Al Shifa Trust Eye Hospital, Rawalpindi
4Muhammad A Ahad, Mohammad Rashad Qamar, Sameh K Hindi, Martin N Kid.
Effect of anterior capsular polishing on the incidence of YAG capsulotomy
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jul - Sep 2005;11(3):273-6.
Kent County Ophthalmic Hospital, Maidstone UK
5Tahir Mahmood, Abdul Hameed Awan.
Lasik for high Myopia
Pak J Ophthalmol Jul 2003;19(3):72-6.
Department of Ophthalmology, Shaikh Zayed Hospital and Services Hospital, Lahore
6Farooq Afzal.
Capsulorhexis and Hydrodissection in Planned Extracapsular Cataract
J Surg Dec 2001;23-24:39-42.
Department of Ophthalmology Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad

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