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1Ijaz Ahmed, Zaffar Ahmed, Sarwat Nasreen.
Prevalence of tinea capitis and asymptomatic carriage amongst school going children
J Pak Assoc Derma Oct - Dec 2006;16(4):215-9.
Ziauddin Medical University, Karachi
2Ali Zarei Mahmoudabadi, Farshad Farrahei, Majid Zarrin.
In vitro synergism between Miconazole and Griseofulvin against Candida species
Pak J Med Sci Oct - Dec 2006;22(4):454-6.
Jundishapour University of Medical Sciences, Ahwaz, Iran
3Uhumwangho M U, Okor R S.
Modification of drug release from Acetaminophen granules by melt granulation technique - consideration of release kinetics
Pak J Pharm Sci Jan - Jan 2006;19(1):22-7.
University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria
4Muhammad Sabir, Saleem Ahmed Kharal, Shaikh Sajjad Ahmed, Mughisuddin Ahmed, Asif Ali Abbasi.
Dermatophytes causing Tinea Cruris in our population
Ann Abbasi Shaheed Hosp Karachi Med Dent Coll Dec 2004;9(2):558-61.
KMDC and Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Karachi
5Azam Bokhari, Arif Maan, Mazhar Iqbal Raja.
Two weeks Terbinafine therapy in Tinea Corporis/Cruris
J Pak Assoc Derma Oct - Dec 2002;12(4):179-82.
Department of Dermatology, PMC, Faisalabad
6Aman S, Hussain I, Haroon T S.
Tinea Capitis: Still no change in the etiological spectrum of disease in our scenario
J Pak Assoc Derma Jul - Sep 2002;12(3):119-21.
Department of Dermatology, King Edward Medical College/ Mayo Hospital, Lahore
7Jamil Ahmad Shaheen, Uzair Ahmad Qurashi, Rizwan Ahmad Malik, Abdul Ghafoor Qamar.
An open, prospective study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of two weeks oral
J Pak Assoc Derma Jan - Mar 2002;12(1):24-8.
Department of Dermatology, Quaid e Azam Medical College/Bahawal-Victoria Teaching Hospital, Bahawalpur
8Ijaz Hussain, Farhana Muzaffar, Tariq Rashid, Shahbaz Aman.
Safety of Terbinafine in children with Tinea Capitis
J Pak Assoc Derma Oct - Dec 2000;10(4):15-8.
King Edward Medical College / Mayo Hospital, Lahore
9Sarah Samiyah, Yasmeena Khan.
Tinea Capitis and Nutritional Rickets a case report
J Pak Assoc Derma Oct - Dec 1998;8(4):38-9.
Liaquat National Hospital, Karachi
10Mohammad Jahangir, Tariq Zaman, Khawar Khurshid, Manzoor Ul Hasan, Tahir Sabed Haroon.
Itraconazole pulse therapy for Onychomycosis - An open study with 2 & 3 pulses for finger and toe nail Onychomycosis
J Pak Assoc Derma Jul - Sep 1998;8(3):2-6.
KEMC/Mayo Hospital, Lahore

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