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1Malik I, Shaharyar.
Comparison of Meropenem with Ceftazidime as Monotherapy of Cancer Patients with Chemotherapy induced Febrile Neutropenia
J Pak Med Assoc Jan 2002;52(1):15-8.
National Cancer Insititute, Karachi and Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology, Mayo Hospital, Lahore
2Iqbal M, Burney I, Sultana F, Mehboobali N.
Induction of white cell proliferation due to haematopoietic growth factors is associated with an increase in multiple forms of dihydrofolate reductase in non-neutropenic cancer patients
J Pak Med Assoc Feb 2001;51(2):68-71.
Department of Biochemistry, Aga Khan University, Karachi
3Riaz A Sheikh, Ikramullah Khan, Afaq Ahmad, Shireen Khan.
Efficacy and Toleration of Oral Fluconazole 50mg once a day in the treatment of Pityriasis Versicolor
Med Channel Oct - Dec 1999;5(4):31-5.
Department of Dermatology, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad
4Muhammad Furrukh.
Role Of Epirubicin Based Multi-Agent Induction Chemotherapy In Loco-Regional, Advanced Carcinoma Of The Breast: A Preliminary Report
J Rawal Med Coll Dec 1999;3(1-2):23-6.
Department of Oncology, Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi
5Rubeena Hafeez, Shahbaz Aman, Maleeha Aslam.
Pattern Of Bacteraemia and Fungaemia in 50 Cancer Patients
Biomedica Jan - Jun 1999;15:43-6.
Department of Pathology, Allama lqbal Medical College, Lahore
6Saleem Ahmad Siddiqui, Mofazzel Hossain.
Neutropenia and Sepsis - Experience in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
Pak Armed Forces Med J Dec 1998;48(2):72-7.
Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy, Combined Military Hospital, Rawalpindi
7Karamat Ahmed Karamat, Karamat Ahmed Karamat, Tariq Mehmood Tariq, Abdul Hanan, Muhammad Saleem Siddiqi, Tariq Butt, Masood Anwar, Muhammad Saleem.
Bacterial infections in neutropenic cancer patients
Pak J Pathol Apr - Jun 1998;9(2):38-43.
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Rawalpindi
8S H Mansoor, U F Yousaf, B A Suleman, A I Qureshi.
Nonspecific Necrotizing Jejunitis: A new challenging entity
Ann King Edward Med Uni Oct - Dec 1997;3(4):79-80.
Department of Paediatric Surgery, Services Hospital, Lahore
9A P Khan, Mumtaz Hasan.
Study of etiological incidence of Pyrexia of unknown origin (P.U.O) in OPD Mayo Hospital, Lahore
Ann King Edward Med Uni Apr - Jun 1997;2(1-2):36-7.
A P Khan Department of Medicine, king Edward Medical College & Mayo Hospital, Lahore

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