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1Masoud Dehdashtian, Kemaladin Tebatebae.
Magnesium sulphate as a safe treatment for persistent pulmonary hypertension of newborn resistant to mechanical hyperventilation
Pak J Med Sci Oct - Dec 2007;23(5):693-7.
Ahwaz Jondi shapour of Medical Science, Ahwaz, Iran
2Ishtiaq Ahmad, Naveed Iqbal Anasri.
Bacteriological investigation; water supply of Mayo hospital & KEMC, Lahore
Professional Med J Jan - Mar 2007;14(1):66-9.
King Edward Medical College, Lahore and Mayo Hospital, Lahore
3Kashif Niyaz, Khalid Niaz, Maseehuz Zaman, Shahid Kamal, Sharjeel Usmani, Salman Habib, Hina Hashmi, Waqar Husssain.
Assessment of viable myocardium by Nitrate Augmented 99mTc MIBI Myocardial perfusion imaging
J Pak Med Assoc Feb 2007;57(2):83-6.
Karachi Institute of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine (KIRAN), Karachi
4Syed Sabahat Kazmi, Saadat Ali Khan.
Level of nitrate and nitrite contents in drinking water of selected samples received at AFPGMI, Rawalpindi
Pak J Physiol Dec 2005;1(1-2):28-31.
Armed Forces Postgraduate Medical Institute, Rawalpindi
5Nasrin Dashti, Mohammad Ansari, Mohammad Shabani, Safura Vardasbi.
Nitric Oxide donor (DETA NONOate) enhance experimental wound healing in Streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
Pak J Med Sci Jul - Sep 2004;20(3):211-4.
Faculty of Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
6Zahoor Ullah, Tasleem Akhtar, Salar Zai.
Quality of drinking water in rural Peshawar
Pak J Med Res Jul - Sep 2003;42(3):85-9.
7Nahed Ashri, Shaden Wafa, Reem Al Kattan.
The effect of Toothbrush design on plaque removal efficiency
J Pak Dent Assoc Apr - Jun 2003;12(2):83-9.
College of Dentistry, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
8Anwar M, Chaudhry N, Tayyab M.
Bacteriological quality of drinking water in Punjab: evaluation of H2S strip test
J Pak Med Assoc Oct 1999;49(10):237-41.
Department of Pathology, Postgraduate Medical Institute, Lahore.
9S Ali, Saadat Ali.
Characterization of Spring Water from Selected Localities of Pakistan
Pak J Health Dec 1998;35(3-4):89-95.
Department of Chemistry, Government College of Science Wahdat Road, Lahore
10Erazi K A Sherazi, Rveen M Parveen, Zahid H Chohan.
Biological role of anions (sulfate, nitrate, oxalate and acetate) on the pharmacological properties of cobalt (II) and nickel (II) chelates with thienoyl - and furenoyl - derived compounds
Pak J Pharm Sci Jan - Jan 1998;11(1):1-8.
Islamia University, Bahawalpur

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