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1Tapas Pramanik, Arijit Ghosh, Heera Tuladhar, Pramila Pradhan.
Variation of total and differential count of leukocytes and increment in the number of young neutrophils in different trimesters of Pregnancy
Pak J Med Sci Jan - Mar 2005;21(1):44-6.
Nepal Medical College, Jorpati, Kathmandu, Nepal
2Simeen Ber Rahman, Bari A U, Haroon Rashid.
Humoral immune response in cutaneous Leishmaniasis and evaluation of related immunodiagnostic tests
Pak J Pathol Apr - Jun 2004;15(2):64-8.
Military Hospital, Rawalpindi
3Nisar Anwar, Alaister Hutchison, Ram Gokal.
Peritoneal Dialysate IgG/C3 Level - Does it predict Peritonitis?
J Postgrad Med Inst Apr - Jun 2004;18(2):214-9.
Department of Nephrology and Department of Renal Medicine, Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar
4Nisar Ahmed, Sajid Maqbool, Qamar Uz Zaman, Khalid Mahmood.
Chediak - Higashi Syndrome (CHS)
Pak Paed J Sep 2003;27(3):137-8.
The Children`s Hospital & The Institute of Child Health, Lahore
5Mervyn Hosein, Tasleem Hosein.
Retention and Extravasation lesions of the Salivary Glands
J Pak Dent Assoc Jan - Mar 2003;12(1):53-7.
Hamdard Dental College, Hamdard University, Karachi
6Rauf Niazi, Azhar M Qureshi.
Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic fever
J Pak Inst Med Sci Jul 2002;13(1):661-4.
Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad
7Waseem Iqbal.
Infection-Associated Haemophagocytosis: Intensity and Effect on Haematological Parameters
J Rawal Med Coll Jun 2002;6(1):17-21.
Department of Haematology and Pathology, Islamic International Medical College, Rawalpindi
8Maqbool H Jafary.
Apoptosis and Cardiovascular disease: Focus on Heart Failure
Pak J Med Sci Oct - Dec 2001;17(4):193-6.
Faiz-e-Aam Hospital, Karachi
9Muhammad Tayyab, Aftab Ahmed Somroo, Ghazala Jaffery, Tahira Tasneem, Naseer Ahmed Chaudrhy.
A Comparative Study of Neutrophil Phagocytic Activity with Different Types of Haemodialyser Membranes
Proceeding Shaikh Zayed Postgrad Med Inst Dec 2000;14(2):91-8.
Department of Pathology, Postgraduate Medical Institute, Lahore, Pakistan
10Muhammad Farooq Khattak, Masood Anwar, Nadir Ali, Farhat Abbas Bhatti, Karamat Ahmed Karamat.
Spectrum and aetiology of Immune Haemolytic Anaemia in adults
Pak Armed Forces Med J Dec 1999;49(2):99-102.
Armed Forces Institute of Transfusion, Rawalpindi

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