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1Mazhar Ishaq, Hannan Masud.
Congenital Glaucoma and Penetrating Keratoplasty Failure in De Sanctis – CaCchione Syndrome
J Coll Physicians Surg Pak Oct 2001;11(10):663-6.
Department of Ophthalmology, Military Hospital, Rawalpindi
2Asghar Hussain, Sikandar Ali Sheikh, Mumtaz Haider, Taskeen Rashied, Muhammad Riaz Malik.
Frequency Distribution of ABC and Rhesus Blood Groups in Population of Balochistan
Pak Armed Forces Med J Jun 2001;51(1):22-6.
Region of Balochistan
3Fazli Subhan, Faheem Tahir, Sikandar Sultan, Athar Saeed Dil.
Bad obstetric history: cytogenetic and haematological parameters
Pak J Med Res Oct - Dec 2000;39(4):139-41.
National Research Institute of Reproductive Physiology, National Institute of Health, Islamabad
4Khateeb B, Moatter T, Shaghil A, Haroon S, Kakepoto G.
Genetic diversity of beta-thalassemia mutations in Pakistani population
J Pak Med Assoc Sep 2000;50(9):293-6.
Department of Pathology, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi.
5Bhutta Z, Moattar T, Shah U.
Genetic analysis of cystic fibrosis in Pakistan: a preliminary report
J Pak Med Assoc Jul 2000;50(7):217-9.
Department of Paediatrics, Aga Khan University Medical Center, Karachi.
6M Hussain Khan, Syed Humayun Shah.
Incidence of Du in Rh Negative Obstetrics Patients
J Ayub Med Coll Abottabad Apr - Jun 2000;12(2):29-30.
Ayub Medical College Abbottabad
7Rashida Bhatti, D M Sheikh.
Variations of ABO Blood Groups - Gene Frequencies in the Population of Sindh
Ann King Edward Med Uni Oct - Dec 1999;5(3,4):328-31.
Larkana, Jamshoro, Hyderabad, Karachi
8Rashida Bhatti, D M Shaikh.
A Population Genetic Study of Southern Sindh (Hyderabad and Jamshoro) Pakistan: Distribution of ABO and Rh Blood Alleles
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan - Mar 1999;5(1):8-11.
Hyderabad and Jamshoro
9Shahid Abbas.
Detection Of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy In Hypertension By Echocardiography Vs Electrocardiography
Pak Armed Forces Med J Dec 1995;45(2):47-50.
Federal Government Services Hospital, Islamabad

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