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Abdoljalil Kalantar Hormozi, Hamid Zendehnam, Seyed Nejat Hosseini, Mehdi Rasti, Khalil Rostami, Hossein Hamraz.
Epinephrine’s effect in varying concentrations on the end artery organ in an animal model
J Coll Physicians Surg Pak Feb 2010;20(2):90-2.
Animal Laboratory of Khordad Hospital, Tehran, Iran
1Mumtaz Ahmad, Qazi Rafiuddin, Usman Hassan, Ashfaq Ahmad, Sajjad Husain.
Impact of renal transplantation on erectile dysfunction due to chronic renal failure in male patients
J Ayub Med Coll Abottabad Jan - Mar 2009;21(1):69-71.
Lahore General Hospital, Lahore
2Jalilur Rehman, Anil V Pathare, Salam S Al Kindi, Rajiv Jain, Akram Choudry.
Recurrent priapism in sickle cell trait with protein S deficiency
J Pak Med Assoc Dec 2008;58(12):701-2.
College of Medicine & Health Sciences, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
3Mohammed Omar Galal, Amin Muhammed Arfi, Jameel Alata, Arif Hussain, Amjad Kouatli.
Alpha2 - blocker helps to avoid systemic to pulmonary shunt in a prostaglandin dependent infant with critical pulmonary valve stenosis
J Coll Physicians Surg Pak Dec 2006;16(12):780-2.
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and RC, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
4Miraj Mohammad Khan, Maqsood Khwaja.
Open label study of intracavernous injection of Alpostadil Alphadex in the treatment of erectile dysfunction
J Postgrad Med Inst Jan - Mar 2005;19(1):52-7.
Riyadh Care Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
5Ghulam Mujtaba, M Khalid.
Management of Drug Induced Priapism by the Intracorporeal Injection of Adrenaline
Ann King Edward Med Uni Oct - Dec 1999;5(3,4):259-0.
Department of Dermatology, Nishtar Medical College, Multan
6Ursula Chohan, Fazal H Khan.
Anaesthetic management of a patient with Pheochromocytoma and uncontrolled blood pressure
J Coll Physicians Surg Pak May 1999;9(5):236-8.
The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi
7Raza Mohammad Khan.
Acute Retention of Urine and Catheter free trial by Farsheed Sartaj Hayat Shaheed Teaching Hospital, Peshawar
Med Channel Apr - Jun 1998;4(2):29-32.
Farsheed Sartaj Hayat Shaheed Teaching Hospital

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