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1Shamim Akhtar, Saify Z S, Muhammad Arif, Nousheen Mushtaq, Darakhshan J Haleem.
Neurochemical estimations of some new quaternary Phenacyl-Bromopiperidinium compounds
Pak J Pharm Sci Apr - Apr 2005;18(2):52-4.
University of Karachi, Karachi
2Saeed Arayne, Najma Sultana, Farhan Ahmed Siddiqui.
A new RP-HPLC method for analysis of Meloxicam in tablets
Pak J Pharm Sci Jan - Jan 2005;18(1):58-62.
University of Karachi, Karachi
3Abdul Hamid Chohedri, Behzad Maghsoudi, Muhammad Mahmodi.
Propofol Alfentanil intubation; without muscle relaxant in young adult males
Professional Med J Apr - Jun 2004;11(2):164-70.
Shiraz Medical School, Shiraz, Iran
4Tahira Hakeem Shah.
Tracheal intubation without neuromuscular block in children
J Postgrad Med Inst Jan - Mar 2004;18(1):117-23.
Department of Anaesthesia, Khyber Teaching Hospital,
5Muhammad Ashraf, Wahidur Rehman.
Effectiveness of mosquito repllent are containing deet and permetrin; as personal protection against outdoor mosquitoes in Paksitan
Professional Med J Oct - Dec 2001;8(4):449-52.
National Ayub Park Rawalpindi and CDA Nursery Islamabad
6Syed Millat Hussain.
Total Intravenous Anaesthesia for Day Care Surgery: A Comparative study
Mother & Child Sep 1999;37(3):107-112.
Department of Anaesthesia, Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Lahore
7Saify Z S, Hanifa Shahnaz, Shamim Akhtar, Moazzam Haider, Darakhshan Jabeen Halmm.
A study on the effects of some new derivatives of piperidine on neurotransmitters
Pak J Pharm Sci Jan - Jan 1999;12(1):43-7.
University of Karachi, Karachi
8Darakhshan J Haleem, Darakhshan J Haleem, Saida Haider, Anila Yasmeen, Tahira Parveen.
The neurochemical profile of long term oral administration of Moclobemide
Pak J Pharm Sci Jan - Jan 1998;11(1):9-14.
University of Karachi, Karachi
9Saify Z S, Faiyaz H M Vaid.
Synthesis and anti-microbial screening of some Piperidine derivatives
Pak J Pharm Sci Jan - Jan 1998;11(1):15-21.
University of Karachi, Karachi
10T Ahmed, M A Randhawa, M A Zia, M N Awan, N Z Malik, T A Alvi, I Shazada, T Ishaq, S Majeed, W Javaid.
Clinical Trial on Healthy Volunteers for Sedative and Antimuscarinic Effects of Some Antihistaminic Drugs
J Rawal Med Coll Dec 1997;1(2):60-4.
Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi

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