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Re: FCPS Dissertations

My Dissertation-
The Organizational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, 1995 requires all organizations to carry out a risk assessment before making an intervention. Risk assessment requires the risk to health and safety to be controlled so far as is reasonably practical. The purpose of this report is to spell out safety management alternatives and recommendations for a hypothetical construction company ArchitektonikiDomi Ltd. The scope of risk assessment will be limited to site layout, protective equipments of workers and noticeable health and safety hazards at the workplace.

Background Information
ArchitektonikiDomi Ltd is a private construction company in Athens, Greece. On April 11, 2009, it undertook construction of a five-storey multi-flat building. The building scheme consisted of a rectangular basement, ground floor, single flat on first floor, single flat on second and third floors and a smaller flat on fourth floor. The objectives of the scheme in terms of Time limits, Cost limits and Quality requirements have been set out. However, some concerns regarding the safety management at the worksite remains.
Helped by-

safwan ahm

Re: FCPS Dissertations

plz send me topics for synopsis in pediatric medicine

safwan ahm

Re: FCPS Dissertations

plz send me topics for synopsis in pediatric medicine


Re: Re: Re: Re: FCPS Dissertations

in fact most of the dissertations, thesis for MD/MS/PhD and articles published in local journals are bogus. these research works are not upto the mark and just for promotion purpose