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Fund Raising for treatment of my newborn son

Dear All,

I was blessed with a baby boy two months ago Alhamdulillah

Unfortunately, he came with some Congenatal Problems called "Congenatal abdominal Harnia" and "Subglottic Stonses". Alhamdulillah both of the conditions are treatable.

We emmediately admitted him in a well known hospital of Karachi and he is still hospitalized for last two months. Four surgeries have been done till now.

During last two months the hospitalizations bill has been reached upto 1.2 Million, I have consumed all my savings, my wife has sold out her gold but still we are shortage with funds. There is a welfare department in hospital but it is not too supportive. I even have borrowed some loan but still the hospital bills are rapidly increasing and soon I will not be able to continue the Hospitalization.

I tried for Indus Hospital and Jinnah as well but they are not ready to handle the case, saying they have no space at the moment for that kind of patines.

It seems I will be facing the situation soon when I will have to get discharge from hospital due to shortage of funds and will watch him dieing in our hands.

My brothers and sisters, I need help from all of you.

There are five ways to help me:

1st. If someone is interested to give me some financial support then please contact me on my following email ID:

I will provide all the detail with my contact, I can visit you for a meeting and you may visit hospital anytime as well. Dear Brothers and Sisters it's a geniun case, I am not fraud, you may meet me any time, you may visit hospital and meet my little angel anytime. You may easily go to billing department of hospital to know the current billing status. If you are satisfy then pay to hospital directly if you want.

2nd. If you are a doctor you may contact me on my Email ID for any advise or suggestion which I can discus with doctors for his earlier healing.

3rd. If anyone from you have good contacts in Liaquat National Hospital, please let me know and try to arrange some discount

4th. If anyone from you have good contacts in Jinnah or Indus Hospital please try to arrange the admission there.

5th. If nothing is possible from above options then please please please please please please remember in Duas, Dil sy dua karayn mere betay k liay. Mayn apnay bachay ko apany hathon mayn Marta hua nahi dekh sakta, please is sy phelay k aisi situation aay Meri madad karayn, saari Omar dua go rahun ga.

Mayn kisi bhi responce ka muntazir rahun ga, anyone may contact me on my following Email ID:


Note: Is post mayn apna name and contact number nahi dia q k is sy publicity ho gi Meri or mjhy sharmindagi mehsoos hoti hay kisi k aagay hath phelaanay sy, aap mjhy email ID py contact karayn mayn individually day sakta Hoon aap ko name contact or saari detail, or aap mil b saktay hayn kahin bhi kisi bhi waqt mjh sy. Aaj Tak aisi situation sy Allah nayn bacha k rakha hay k Jahan mjhy kisi k aagay hath phelaanay parrayn. Pheli baar kisi sy kch maanga hay or omeed hay k Allah koi na koi wasila bana dayn gay. InShaAllah.

Agar kch bhi nahi Kar saktay tw Kam sy Kam is post ko share he Kar dayn, shayad k is sy Mera bhala ho jaay or aap ko bhi sawab milta rahay.