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Re: Dentist(help)

hi thank you so much for ur help but the real question was that bio 20 is the level of grade 11 and so is the phy. I have only done one grade 12 science which is the chem.


Re: Dentist(help)

I was just able to see u question today as I was away and was invited by Pakistan Dental Association for my lectures and hands-on courses.
I am practicing dentistry in Canada, however I had practiced dentistry in Pakistan for about 15 years and I am in touch with a number of dentists there.
You are welcome to Pakistan and I think you should have not much difficulty in getting admission in one of the dental schools over there. There are few private dental colleges like Baqai, Fatima Dental, Altamish, Karachi Dental in Karachi whereas Islamic Dental, Margalla in Islamabad and a couple of them are in Lahore and other cities.
Their admission requirements used to be FSc with Bio, Chem, Phys and I am quite positive that Canadian Grade 12 should not be taken less than FSc.
You may e.mail the institutions directly and if I get the time I will try to find out their current admission requirements.
Good Luck in your future in dentistry!


Re: Re: Dentist(help)

hey thankx for ur help but I still didn't find anything related to my question because the site was about american school's in paki which is nothing much to do with my questions. Can you plz explain me if you have sum time. thank u


Re: Dentist(help)

you need to get your qualifications and grades evaluated in Pakistan. Go to website"". You will get all the info there.



Hi everyone! I have few questions and I hope you guys will answer me.

First of all I'm from Canada and I'm moving to Pakistan with my family but I would like to get some information about some of the facts. I want to become a dentist and I have done my grade 12 in Canada with bio 20, phy 20 and chem 20 and 30. I would like to know if l'll be able to get a admission in Pakistan with my two level of grade 11 sciences?