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Publishing summaries/abstracts of the approved CPSP dissertations for fellowship

The titles along with summaries/abstract of the approved CPSP disservations must be published electronically or in print-form, so that all must have a superficial idea what contribution has been made to the medical profession in various specialties by conducting research studies thence to write a dissertation. In most of the advanced countries, summaries/abstracts of theses and dissertations are available. The other main objectives to publicise at least the summary/abstracts of the approved CPSP dissertations for fellowship of the college are to avoid any repetition of the research work, to have an idea/guideline to design and perform a new study in an improved manner, and to make the fellow professionals aware of the achievements, either practical or academic. The whole project seems difficult but it quite possible, as the summary/abstract of each dissertation is also submitted. Summary/abstract, year of approval of dissertation, the name of CPSP fellow, supervisor, place where study was conducted, etc are the various fields to design a comprehensive database that can be made available online, primarily by the people-in-power at CPSP.

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Re: Re: unpublished data

I can provide the titles of dissertations submitted till 2000 in all the subjects. To get the abstracts is very difficult and practically not useful.


Re: unpublished data

murad, you are right that we have capability to add abstracts from CPSP dissertations, but the problem is lack of support from CPSP authorities.

If anybody is willing for work on this aspect voluntarily, I shall fully support him/her technically.


CPSP publically unpublished data

It should be the responsibility of the people at CPSP to make available (at least the summary of each approved dissertation for fellowship) what is not publically published. Alternatively, it is possible to materialize this project by the PakMediNet where the art and capability to handle this project are available. I hope the people in power at CPSP will think over this project and will be benefited from the expertise of PakMediNet to complete and thence to maintain this project.

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Re: unpublished data

Thanks for your suggestion.

That is only possible by the cooperation of CPSP. Unfortunately, I at PakMediNet, even do not get regular JCPSP by mail , then howcome I expect their cooperation in the dissertations?