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importance of anatomy teachers in physiotherapy

Hi!Dear friends,
I am going to give u some information on importance of anatomy teachers in the field of physiotherapy.Being a physiotherapist I would like to invite all the physiotherapists that they should come and join this site.
okay I was talking about anatomy,in our medical institudes who are providing this education I have seen many M.B.B.S professionals who are teaching anatomy as like the needs of thier mbbs needs but they have no idea about the needs of a physitherapist,therefore my point is;For the students of physiotherapy anatomy subject is teached by Physiotherapist because he is aware of the needs of that paticular profession,And he is more spacified in Musle origen and insersion,nerve supply,their function and also about their rehablitation purposes.And students become more enthusiastic for learning this sebject because they become aware about each and every thing related to their noble profession.
Thank You,

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