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5th CAD/CAM & Computerized Dentistry Int'l Conference

Welcome to the 5th International CAD/CAM & Computerized Dentistry Conference.
May 12-13, 2011
The Address Hotel Dubai Marina, Dubai UAE

Program topics:
• CAD/CAM in Aesthetics
• CAD/CAM Materials
• CAD/CAM in-Lab
• Digital Impressions
• 3D Dental Imaging
• Computerized Implantology

We will continue to capitalize on our excellent organization, solid scientific program, the unsurpassed cooperation of our sponsors and speakers to make this conference one of the best and most successful CAD/CAM conferences worldwide.
Come and join all of us in the 5th International CAD/CAM & Computerized Dentistry Conference for the most rewarding and beneficial experience.
See you in the Dynamic City of Dubai!

Learn more:

Registration link:

Contact CAPP:
Tel: +971 4 3616174
Fax: +971 4 3686883
Mob: +971 50 2793711