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Re: Dental school

It is a good dental school


Re: About Dental schools?

what is your opinion about the use of granulotec obturation in cases of periapical granuloma performed in a single session?

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Re: Re: About Dental schools?

sir its a very important topic to be discussed openly and its a very seriuos problem in pakistan with both dental surgeons and patients,one day i visited a welknown gastroentalogist in lahore for my stomach check up he generaly asked me that mostly dentists visit my clinic for hepatic problems why dont they practice cross infection free.i think very fewer dentists care this.on the other hand every third person is suffering from hcv hbs etc mainly transmitted by using contaminated instruments especially by quaks living in lunatic its the time to educate the people n especially to improve the quality of education in dental colleges and hospitals in both theoritcal n clinical aspects.we all concerned with medical and dental proffessions have to play a key role in providing infection free treatment to the people of our pakistan


Re: About Dental schools?

Yes Doctor, all the dentists must be busy!!!


Re: About Dental schools?

I am surprised that no one else has any comments.