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Re: help needed 4 fcps1

i need past papers of fcps part1 papers and which books shuld i need fr it.


Re: help needed 4 fcps1

To pass FCPS-I u need to read all the text and then practice loads of MCQs.

MCQs books which r best for prep r

Pool Questions...Azeem Sheikh

Murad's MCQs..... but there r hundreds of mistakes in this book so u ve to be careful while doing it.

Also read Handobook of DD ... Azeem Sheikh which really helps.

First finish the text and just do MCQs in last 15 days, Thats the key to success.


help needed 4 fcps1

i hope some 1 will come around.i wana give part1 in pathogy.wud ne 1 be kind enough to tell me the books n any general tips needed 4 it ......thanks

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