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Re: Re: help related to article search

aoa. hi rathore , plz dnt make a mockery of others, u r a persone one wud love to b with, u better re-read the request n do the needful if u can. regards


Re: help related to article search

go to ""
requires free registration.Uses Pubmed but advanced search engine is very useful and userfriendly. In addition it has a lot of resources for academics/researchers.


Re: help related to article search

Dear Doctor

you made me laugh aloud......... This is a very vague request similar to a tourist standing in the middle of a shopping mall and asking " i want to buy clothes'
So here what i would suggest
visit following websites and may be you ll find some thing
and next time be vey specific like
Title of the article
year of publication
Name of journal

and may be somebody of us can help


Dr Rathore


help related to article search

plz hlp me locating the article for free ROLE OF MRI FOR DIAGNOSIS OF LUMBAR DISC HERNIATION .how can i find it free .plz tell me the websites