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Re: Help required

Dr. Atif,
There are several factors here that can affect the type of the study. One is, what is your hypothesis. Among other questions, you will need to know how will you define "difficult intubation", the characteristics of screening tests understudy, and whether you will be able to collect relevant data reterospectively.
regarding your two other questions:
Yes, you will need to do a statistical test if you want to test your hypothesis (exact type of test depends on the data you collect).
Yes, you should do sample size calculation.


Re: Re: Help required

Is there any minimum number of sample size for cross sectional study?

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Re: Help required

This can be a cross-sectional study. You will beed Sensitivity, Specificity, Positive/Negative Predictive Values and Likelihood ratios for the screening test you are comparing with the gold standard.


Help required

What will be the type of study to be done for comparison between accuracy of two screening tests to assess difficulty of endotracheal intubation?Is any statistical test required for such a study?

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