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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: for paper publication

Yes, it is against ethics of medical writing to submitt your paper to two journals at the same time for publication.
This is called duplicate publication


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: for paper publication

Can u please tell me the edition of both journal


Re: Re: Re: Re: for paper publication

Recently, i read an article published in Annals of PIMS which has been published in an other journal. is it not unfair to submit an article in two or more journals?


Re: Re: Re: for paper publication

This is intellectual dishonesty of highest order which i have never heard off. One suggsstion is to give him a print out of Instructions to authors of the Journal, which usually clealry mentions the criteria for authorship.
If he is a sensible man,he will get the Joke and refrain from his illogical demand.

If that ""Professor" is admant,then there is no harm in saying plain NO. Such Intellectually dishonest, so called Pseudo Professors of Pakistani medical colleges have no shame, ethics, morals and cannot say much once a person takes a principle stand. I have refused my seniors and it helps in setting your impression for times to come.


Re: Re: for paper publication

I have written a paper and want to submit to indexed journal . my professor wants me add her daughter and daughter-in-law as 2nd and 3rd author. how i solve this problem?