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Re: Human Genome Project

hi, thank you for your help.


Re: Human Genome Project

well as you know that all the living organism has the genetic material in the form of either DNA or RNA. in human its DNA, the human genome project started in 1990 to map and sequence the whole genome of human, that consist of 3.2billion base pairs. it was supposed to complete in 15 years but it was completed in 2001 after 11 years due to improvement in sequencing technology. and total genome was completely sequenced and maped in 2003. As you know that genes are also part of DNA, That make the cell to work by encoding all type of informations, so in the beginning it was estimated that there are 100000 genes in human genome, then 40000 and in most of the books it is reported that there are 30000 genes in the human genome, then a figure of 25000 came and the most recent figure is 19500 genes in the human genome. so human genome contains almost 20000 genes that are encoded by only 1-2% of the total genome, rest of the genome consisted of short DNA repeats, long DNA repeats and introns. Haploid human genome consists of 23 chromosomes and diploid 46 chromosomes. 2 chromsome are involved in sex determination so called sex chromosomes and rest are called autosomes. and size of each chromosomes is variable and also the gene number.
if you need any specific infromation you can ask as well, regarding techniques to sequences the human genome and other technical informations
best regards


Re: Human Genome Project

Dear Wasee

please check out this link and it will answer all of your questions




Human Genome Project

Hi , hope everyone is fine .Well , this is going to be my first ever post here, so I am a newbie here . However , lets get to my question . Would anyone kindly tell me about the human genome project in non-technical , non-biological simple language ? I shall be grateful.
Plus , do we have any members from Fauji Foundation Medical College , Rawalpindi?

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