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Thanks dear you have made many valid point. but one of our problem is that we only discuss and criticize our problem but no one think about the solution and give solutions.
secondly the Big Jihad is to fight with self, and prvent ourself from going and doing wrong thing, so first everybody who want to do Jihad should try to purify him or herself.
we should have such a personality that follow the Prophet and then we can be model for other and other can follow. Prophet PBUH in his early 40 years teaches the people with His Character and then He Gave the message.
so we have to evaluate ourself that at what point we are standing and what are our responsibilities.
We all are educated people we should teach other people first by our character and then by our language.
there is huge brain drain from Pakistan. because situation is not stable here, we have to prevet it because these are the people who are policies maker, if they keep on moving away then we will have nothing left behind.
one important philosophy is that the child what get in his or her early 10 years remain with him 60-70% in his life. so there is need to educate and properly guide the childs and its the responsibility of mother and father to properly guide and educate him, but now you know we dont have time for this and dont consider it important. it is very important, if we want to bring change.
if our politician are corrupt, then whose fault is this. we never thing on it and always choose such person, why not we appreciate some good person that they should step forward and come in this field, so that there could be a change.
it is also fact that our Govt dont make his own decision, but these govt people are feed by somewhere. and we have to do what they say because they fund us, and ask us to do their tasks and their tasks are much higher then their funding. this will happen in this way untill we learn to stand on our own foot. we have to make progress in every field, we have to work, we have to support each other. we have to bring peace and prosperity in our country. only then we can make decision on equal basis otherwise we have to follow what they say.
Justice is very important in our society. if we think of justice then we first analyze ourself first that how much we do justice with ourself and with our surroundings. do we give equal rights to others??
Role of media is very important and media people should also thing of thier responsibilities. regarding movies i think if they make movies on nation problem, science and role of police and army in the country then they can change the thinking of the people.
this is the age of science, we should make progress in this field and also try to educate our people. Media can also play important role in this regards.

i think other brothers and sister should also make comments so that we can better judge and trace our problems and thier solutions.

best regards



As a student I think that our beautiful homeland,our country which we get by the work hard of our national heroes.But now we don't think about our country.Our social dealings , our educational system , our health system even that our government is also corrupt.I define Pakistan's politics as "The want of seat , The want of money and The Death of Bullet".The concept of justice,equality and democracy enunciated by Islam should be enforced within the country.The independence of judiciary is necessary for every nation.In the light of 'Objective Resolution , Constitution of 1956 , Constitution of 1962 and Constitution of 1973'.The concept of Democracy , Social Justice and Equality enunciated by Islam shall be enforced within the country.So it means that we are going against teaching of Islam and the constitution.In the last sermon of Holy Prophet (P . B . U . H) Said that:

"No Arab is superior to non Arab.Nor is white man in any way better then a black man.Only the goodness of a person makes him superior to others"

Our new generation watch the international tv channels and adopt bad habits and evil deeds from these channels.The opposition parties burn tires , do protest for justice and matters but no one think about this matter which is fastly taking place in our country and destroy our culture , tradition and thinking.In the Indian film name "Choona He Aasman Ko" they are purely criticize our country and show Pakistanis as terrorist.

No one can said that we are save in this country our lives are not save in this country.If I talk about the incident of "Lal Masjid" at that time the some people and the government said they don't doing Jihad because a Muslim cannot do Jihad against another Muslim.So I want to explain that Jihad does not only mean to do against any non Muslim.The meaning of Jihad is to do efforts for spreading truth and efforts which have done for eliminate tyranny in the world is called Jihad.

If I talk about "Kashmir" about 55 years before at the time of marking boundaries in the leadership of "Radcliff" because of some personal relation with congress he marked in the favour of Hindus.In every era this matter was discussed in the government "in the era of Bhutto , in the era of Junejo , in the era of Zia - ul - Haq , in the era of Ayyub khan and in the era of General Musharraf" this matter was discussed.If you noted some time before at all the T.V channels there are several news about Kashmir fighting but now a days there are no news about Kashmir actually our government did deal with Indian government on the matter of Kashmir.This is a quite deal which our government have done.

If I talk about "Street crime and the role of Police" most of the people are supported by street criminals and these criminals are supported by our Police and the members of CIA.The people threat each other by source of street criminals and take help from them and in the group of these criminals the brothers and sons of policemen are also included.Because of these several reason the post of Police is not good in the eyes of people.

If I talk about "Educational System" many school in Pakistan are totally corrupt.The teachers are torture by students , The ad min staff and academic staff are always frightened by students which have any criminal or government source.In board examination the sweepers and other staff sale answer sheets to student.The teacher's objective of coming school is only to get salary.The teachers only give the academic education they don't mobilize the character of students.

If I talk about our "Media" Our films are totally contrary to the principles of Islam.Why we don't make films in which we show our country as a country of peace and sympathy.Why we don't make films in which we show that we got success in the war during Pakistan Movement and we always convey the message of peace and we love our country.I am totally unsatisfying by the "Pemra Ordinance"It have effect very badly to our thinking because by the curb on our channels people watch Indian channels and learn to do evil deeds.

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